WEB Notes: The Christian group supported “conversion therapy” to help transgenders revert to their birth sex. Due to that, this Christian group is being “canceled” which has become the norm these days.

As I continue to watch this all unfold, my mind looks toward the future. I see the day when all these anti-God people stand before God and have to give an account of their actions. What an eye-opening experience that will be for them. We have the victory my friends, do not forget that and remind yourself often, (1 Co 15:57).

A Christian ministry in the United Kingdom recently received death threats, had its bank accounts closed, and saw Instagram and Facebook removed content from their pages. In addition, Core Issues Trust, which is committed to supporting men and women who voluntarily want to try therapy and counselling for unwanted same-sex attractions, also had their accounts suspended with Mailchimp and PayPal, Fox News reports.

The trouble for CIT started on July 3rd, when users on Twitter started putting pressure on Barclays to close the ministry’s accounts, saying that CIT supported harmful “conversion therapy” methods. Two weeks later, CIT received a notification from Barclays notifying them that their accounts would be closed.

According to Forbes, activists appealed to Barclays because the bank is the lead sponsor of “Pride” in London and Twitter users argued it was hypocritical of them to claim to support the LGBTQ community while offering services to CIT.

Source: Christian Headlines


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