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    Coronavirus Economic Collapse ‘Way Worse Than The Global Financial Crisis’: IMF

    WEB Notes: The IMF Chief explains more than 90 nations have already applied for financing, “We have never seen ever such a growing demand for...

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    Civil Unrest Coming? Store Owners Board Up Buildings Across Manhattan

    WEB Notes: The article has numerous pictures that depict stores boarded up. Either the stores are all owned by the same company, or shop owners...

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    Evidence Of Ancient Rainforests Found In Antarctica

    WEB Notes: This is such an interesting discovery. Earth and our entire universe is very old. There is evidence all over the globe of life...

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    European Leaders Warn Coronavirus Could Lead To Breakup Of E.U.

    WEB Notes: Out with the old world order, and in with the new world order. We will see, but there is no doubt whatsoever…

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    99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says

    WEB Notes: This is what we keep trying to drill into your head folks. Italy is the hardest-hit country, and 99% of Italy’s Coronavirus deaths...

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    Putin Seeks To Create New World Order Amid Coronavirus Crisis

    WEB Notes: You see how this works? The media is saying Putin is trying to spread a conspiracy theory to “subvert the west”…

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