CDC Admits PCR Tests Are Fraudulent, While Biden Backs Down

Update: Now it’s 500,000 cases in the last 24 hours. Where are the dead? I want to see millions of them at this rate, but we know this is fear and hype people! The fear factory is working overtime now.

In the finance world, they have been known to “cook the books” to make their financial statements look better to boost their stock price. At the CDC, they use fraudulent PCR tests so COVID cases spike creating fear and panic in the public.

You're not going to believe this...

Back in July, the CDC announced that come December 31st, they will no longer use the PCR test.


Here is the CDC’s rationale.

CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses.


This means, the PCR tests cannot differentiate between someone having the flu or someone having SARS-COV-2. That is exactly why COVID cases spiked last year, along with them testing more, and another reason why cases are spiking again.

This is also the reason why the flu disappeared last year.

The CDC knew this all along.

You don’t think the flu really took a year off do you?

The flu still existed, it does exist, and will continue to exist.

However, every PCR test comes back as COVID positive, even if the patient just had the flu.

Follow that CDC link, the CDC also withdrew their,

...request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel

Do you realize what that means?

The PCR test was approved under emergency use authorization.

It was never designed to test for SARS-COV-2! Now when will the government withdraw its emergency use authorization for these vaccines?

People, open your eyes.

They are stringing us all along.

We proved that by showing you the video in this article, Here’s The Deal About COVID Hysteria.

Why do we continue to listen to liars?!!!

Record COVID Cases, Again...

Listen to me very carefully...

The government and mainstream media are lying to you.

They are inflating the numbers just like before.

The AP tells us,

More than a year after the vaccine was rolled out, new cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. have soared to their highest level on record at over 265,000 per day on average, a surge driven largely by the highly contagious omicron variant.

New cases per day have more than doubled over the past two weeks, eclipsing the old mark of 250,000, set in mid-January, according to data kept by Johns Hopkins University.

Now they tell us COVID cases are at a new record, 265,000 cases per day. All while they admit vaccines have been available for more than a year.

So stop and think for a minute...

Before the vaccines came out, they told us vaccines were “safe and effective”, and if you get vaccinated, you cannot get COVID. That's what they said, watch the video: Here’s The Deal About COVID Hysteria.

They lied then, and they are lying and exaggerating now.

In Biden’s recent address to the nation, he explained they have activated more COVID testing sites around the nation. That means they are testing more!

If thou testeth for COVID, thou shall findeth COVID.

By the way, the dynamic duo, better known as Biden and Harris are making tens of millions of at-home COVID tests available. So expect the cases to rise further.

Have we all forgot most of these cases are mild?

But we’re going to listen to these chumps, again?

We must be full blown idiots!

Have we forgotten this article?

All these COVID cases are bull! The people getting tested are brainwashed nutters. That’s just the truth of the matter.

Check this out, Fox News has an article talking about people in mile-long lines to get tested.

So let me get this straight...

People are so damn scared of COVID, they stand in line with other people who might be infected all to see if they are infected?

Can you believe it, does that even make sense?

  • If they test positive, then what?
  • Are they going to get a 10th vaccine shot, as if that would help?
  • Are they going to cry to their Momma about their wunny whittow nose?

People, What’s The Problem? Record Vaccination. Record COVID.

Can we not put two and two together?

If we have record vaccination and record COVID, doesn’t that tell you the vaccines are not working? Maybe it even means the vaccines are helping the virus along. Oh wait a minute, that’s what the inventor of the mRNA vaccine said, The Vaccine Is Causing The Virus To Be More Infectious.

That would be Dr. Robert Malone who was just banned by Twitter yesterday.

People Are Going To Lose It

If this charade keeps up, people are going to crack even more than they already have.

Look what French tennis star Benoit Paire had to say,

“Hey my name is Benoit Paire, and for the 250th time I tested positive for Covid!!” he said in an Instagram story posted on Wednesday. 

Honestly I can’t deal with this Covid s*** anymore. How am I doing? Because of Covid I got a runny nose, but because of all these quarantines spent in a hotel room halfway across the world, I don’t feel good mentally

“Last year was tough, and this year starts exactly the same way!!”

The 32-year-old is vaccinated and clarified he is “100 per cent” in favour of vaccines. 

“Just one thing, I’m 100% for the vaccine, but let’s just live as before Covid, otherwise I don’t see the point,” he added.

Paire, I don’t see the point either.

The CDC told us 265,000 people contracted COVID in one day, where the hell are the dead then? The fact of the matter is, the dead are in short supply from COVID.

You remember the past articles, those who die WITH COVID also had 4 other illnesses that contributed to their deaths.

Is that a COVID death then?

Only if you are a propagandist.

CNNs Wrong Again!

But it gets better, CNNs communist doctor Leana Wen said,

"Don't wear a cloth mask," she said. "Cloth masks are little more than facial decorations. There's no place for them in light of omicron."


😄 Wen, that’s been the case all along!

CDC Backs Down?

In light of all this, the CDC admitted once again how wrong they are.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has drastically reduced its estimate of Omicron cases in the US, saying the variant accounted for about 59 percent of COVID-19 infections as of Christmas Day — a massive drop from the 73 percent previously reported.

The CDC also significantly lowered its estimate for the week before Christmas, saying that the variant accounted for just 22.5 percent of all infections as of Dec. 18. The public health agency previously estimated that Omicron accounted for 73.2 percent of cases that week.

New York Post

So these people are flunkies or evil.

Take your pick, the result is the same.

CDC Backs Down, Again!

Look at this,

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday that people who test positive for Covid-19 but have no symptoms should isolate for five days, down from the previous recommendation of 10 days.


Where’s the “science”?

Remember the quarantine period was 14 days, then 10 days, and now 5 days.

Whoops, the CDCs own document still says COVID appears 2-14 days after infection. Read those symptoms, is that not the flu?

  • Where is the “science” that said someone needed to quarantine for 14 days?
  • When did that “science” change to 10 days and what made it change to 5 days?

Remember when the “science” told you that you could break quarantine to vote?

It’s the same “science” that told you to social distance at 6 feet, when MIT said it didn’t matter if you were 60 feet away.

Yeah, but we all forgot that didn’t we?

The fact of the matter is there is hardly any science here at all. They simply use that term to enforce compliance. Their “science” amounts to a pile of you know what.

20% Of New Yorkers Are Infected With COVID

Lions, Tigers, and Bears oh my!

Fear, doom, dread!

20% of New Yorkers are infected with COVID.

What ever shall we do?

Stop, take a breath and look at the CDCs own vaccination map.

The darker the color, the more vaxxed your state is.

What does that tell you America, where is New York?

Biden Backs Down?

Just days ago, your fine President said of the COVID pandemic,

"There is no federal solution. This gets solved at the state level."

Fox News

Say what?

“It ultimately gets down to where the rubber meets the road,” Biden said, referring to state government. “My message to the governors is simple. If you need something, say something.


So Biden is washing his hands of it, or is this another snafu of his?

Whoops, now there is a federal plan.

I find it ironic so much contradictory news is coming out right now. In my mind, the narrative is collapsing on itself, but we will have to wait and see...

And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.

Isaiah 3:4

What’s The Point Of COVID Tests?

Now I want you to think about this...

What is the point of a COVID test, and should people with no symptoms be tested?

I mean if they feel fine, why are they exposing themselves in crowds of other people seeking the same test as they are. Are they not placing themselves in more danger, if they are truly afraid of the “invisible enemy”, as vaccine lover Trump said, (modern-day Samson my a$$)?

I mean they have their whittow mask on, they have a dozen needles in their arm.

What exactly is finding out their COVID positive asymptomatic going to do?

I’ll tell you what it’s going to do.

It’s going to spike the cases, make headlines, scare more people, and keep the con alive. The masses of people are damn fools, fools no better than sheep being led to the slaughter! I have never seen anything like it, this must be The Delusion Of The Last Days.

So right now I feel we are in limbo land once again.

Either people wake up and realize COVID will always exist, and it will never stop despite masks and vaccines...

Or the nightmare lives on...

Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the LORD his God.

Psalms 146:3, 5

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