Have You Noticed, No One Wants To Work Anymore?

On Saturday, my son and I walked into a UPS store to pick up a package. Actually, we looked through the glass and marveled at the sign.

It said, “open Sunday’s 7am to 3pm”.

This location borders a really big city. We could not believe the UPS store was open just once a week, Sunday of all days.

My son's questions began to roll out...

The kids keep noticing all the “Now Hiring” signs, no matter where we go.

My boy wanted to know,

  • Why are people not working?
  • How are they surviving?

Great questions I attempted to answer.

So I spelled out some of the details for him.

The extended Federal unemployment benefits program has long since expired. Those that were issued last year. Then, the Federal government's housing memorandum was kicked to the curb as it was found to be illegal.

Surprise, surprise.

Now, we do have the Biden child tax credit still in effect. That ranges from $250-300 per kid (age-dependent) per month. Hey, for families that don’t make a lot of money, that starts to add up to a decent amount of income if you have several kids.

Then we have people moving back in with their parents in record numbers.

People are also moving into more affordable housing, low income apartments, mobile home and RV parks. We’ve seen it all, these new dwellings are booming.

Ironically enough, home prices set new records almost every month.

Then I learned,

"Of Manhattan's one million office workers, 28% are back. And of those, only 8% are back full time," said Kathryn Wylde who heads Partnership for New York City.

That means, 72% of Manhattan office workers are remote. Now think how that is/has dried up local business.

According to Kevin O’Leary, 52% of his employees do not want to go back to work.

They rather work remote.

Now all of these changes are a product of the manufactured COVID pandemic. So workers have an entirely new frame of mind. Those who have and can work remote, do not want to go back to the office grind.

Who can blame them?

If they can work remote, why not?

However, that dries up local business.

Further, how many people enjoyed the break COVID-19 gave them, and simply do not want to work anymore?

You remember, people were not working for months on end due to the lockdowns. Essentially, people got a little taste of freedom. So these days, I honestly think more and more people are saying to themselves...

Hey, I can live with less and enjoy more free time with my family.

I really think that is a part of the employee shortage we are seeing across the country.

Let’s face it, most people have been vaccinated, so those who are refusing are only a minor portion of the population at this point.

However, it’s another piece of the puzzle that we need to consider. Each little piece adds up and manifests itself into the problems we are facing today. By the way, you can thank the government for this new reality.

The manufactured pandemic has been a crisis like no other that still lives on. Not in the form of a virus, but in the form of the economic consequences that have been unleashed on us all.

When I think about these things, I am reminded of The Planned Financial Collapse Of The World. I am reminded, what comes next, which continues to seem like, a soft financial collapse that is reinventing our world.

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