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“Populism” Rises In The U.S., China, Brazil, Mexico and Britain, Or Does It?

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Global Populism

Remember the global financial crash of 2007-2008?

Suddenly, the entire world collapsed upon itself, all at the same time. Suddenly the answer from all the nations drowning in debt was to create “bailouts” and print more fiat currency to revive it from financial death, all at the same time. How exactly did the nations instantly come up with the same conclusion unless it was already a planned event and outcome?

Do you notice a theme here?

Suddenly, by some magic miracle many nations now have “populist” movements where the people are getting their way, or so we are told by the mainstream media. 90% of Americans did not want trump, but they got him anyway and hey, that is considered a victory.

Now China, Brazil, Mexico and of course Britain are all entertaining the “populist” idea.

Let me ask, were any of you a part of these meetings that led to this? Exactly which group of normal ordinary grass-roots folks are leading this and how did they coordinate globally for this all to occur at the same time? The answer is none and the entire notion is a lie.

You have been told by the mainstream media there is some magical global movement changing the world. When in actuality it is another lie pushed on the people, one of false hope.

This globalpopulist” idea has become too big, too fast without any push back from these governments for it to be legitimate. We all constantly discuss the abuses of government against the people, but somehow we believe we are now winning? Somehow we believe all the wrongs have been corrected or will be shortly?

We all understand the globalists control these nations, but somehow the globalists have now lost their grip? The notion we have been presented with does not add up, it does not make sense.

Just as with the global financial crash of 2007-2008, the people are being setup for a great fall.

This new globalpopulist” idea is leading to another outcome, a crash of the nationalist ideal and it will be one of the reasons to bring about a truly globalized government.

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  1. (Thesis, Anti-Thesis, then Synthesis) It is, One world government, then populist revolution and then Satan showing up disguised as the savior. They are staging it, this maybe just a precursor to trigger martial law around the globe then an already implanted idea of revolt to fufill prophecy. Only the Father truly knows, I say their play is that Satan is an alien, he will claim to be Christ, which nearly all will accept. Honestly it is in ALL of the propaganda from hollyweird to network shows and books. Everyone knows Ancient Aliens, then the work of Luciferian Zecharia Sitchin and countless Hollywood films. Satans Synagogue hard at work.

  2. Just tell people they have everything they want, since they are conditioned to believe all the lies they will believe that one too. I just lost my job, but that is okay because the government told me I still have one, all most everyone does. My tax dollars are paying to create and support terrorism and overthrow sovereign nations and that too is okay because the government told me we are not. It’s like a fairytale where you get everything you want and it’s easy, all you do is say it and it becomes true, or even easier, don’t say a word, just sit back and let the main stream media and government do it for you. Life is good when you are a blind fool.

  3. Well, I will say one thing. The internet is an incredible Global means of communication. The main concern is how much people take as a precaution where they obtain their information from without properly researching where they received it? The first place is God’s Word! The second place is that which aligns with it? And that in itself is a major challenge, but one that can be obtained with help from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Amen.

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