Topic: Christian Basics

The basics of Christianity.

Christian Basics

The Parables Of Jesus

Not everyone was meant to understand the parables of Jesus, only the Disciples, and Christians like you. To understand a parable, you need spiritual sight.

Christian Basics

7 Things God Hates

The 7 things God hates include the; arrogant, liars, murderers, wicked hearts, mischief-maker... We bring all 7 things together with Scripture and commentary.

Christian Basics

As The World Falls Apart, Remember...

As the world falls further away from God, it becomes that much closer to Satan. There is a great divide separating us from friends, family, and even Christians.

Christian Basics

Learn To Be A Berean

As Christians, we enjoy fellowship, but remember, our allegiance is to God's Word. We should be like the Bereans who searched the Scriptures daily.

Christian Basics

The Book Of James

We discover how to overcome sin and learn from our temptations. God provides guidance for all walks of life, teaching us how to be good Christian people.

Christian Basics

The Great Commandment

We often fight with our fellow Christians over Biblical interpretations. Yet, Christ told us there are two commandments more important than anything else.

Christian Basics

The Parable Of The Lost Sheep

This parable provides a glimpse into Heaven where rejoicing takes place over one saved sinner. As Christians, we are to lead The Lost Sheep to Christ.

Christian Basics

Is Believing In Jesus Enough To Be Saved?

The Bible explains we must believe in Jesus to be saved. Yet, there is more to salvation as Scripture reveals. We must believe and do the words of Christ.

Christian Basics

The Parable Of The Unforgiving Servant

Christ's parable displays our Father's gracious forgiveness, no matter how big our spiritual debt may be. We should remember that, and forgive others as well.

How We Got The Bible And Its History

How We Got The Bible And Its History

Learn how we got the Bible and its history. We discuss manuscripts and how they formed the Bible including their remarkable existence despite the age of time.

Christian Basics

What Is Church?

The church is the body of Christ, which He is the head. The church defines Christians who gather to learn, give praise, and honor to God.

Christian Basics

7 Things God Loves

We discuss 7 things God loves by diving into the Bible, providing Scripture, and adding additional commentary to bring it all together.

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