What Is Our Role As Christians Today?

Name: Shannon
Question: Hi Brandon, my name is Shannon and I want to thank you so much for the information on your site and the work you do. I want to ask, for those of us who believe Bible prophecy, what do you think is our correct role during these times?

Do we study the Bible/pray/witness to others as we can with some prepping for hard times only, or do think we are supposed to get politically active and fight, too?

I know we don’t “fight” prophecy, but I feel weird about the idea of just hunkering down and waiting passively…..

Thank you for your time and your thoughts, Shannon.

Answer: Shannon,

Good morning!

Hey, you are very welcome.

I have to tell you, I really loved this email.

Unfortunately, Bible prophecy tends to spur a lot of weird, odd beliefs, and ideas. Also, it breeds passive thinking as you are pointing out. One of the reasons we stepped up the work of this site years ago was to try and make some difference. We have talked about preparing for the Tribulation and we have also talked about standing against the lies. During the lockdowns and riots, we urged readers to contact their elected officials to try and make a difference.

While I think we live in the last days. I never advocate for sitting on our hands. Like you, I think that ideology is “weird”. I think it also gives place to evil. As the old adage goes,

“All is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”.

Far too often Christians think all we need to do is sit back and watch the end unfold. That could even be part of the reason things are becoming so bad. If all the good people back down, then evil will certainly reign over us.

Yet, the Bible tells us, the Saints will stand against the evil reign of Satan.

So why are we not standing now?

Before a football game, the players practice right?

So why are we, as the broader Christian community not doing the same?

Where is the harm is standing and speaking out for what is right?

God has always asked His followers to stand and do the work for Him. That is why we have the Prophets, Disciples, and so on.

If we are not being told about the rapture, we are told the Deadly Wound is imminent. In the end, these things just pacify us all. Instead of learning more about them. We think all we need to do is sit by idle and wait for the “any moment”, moment. That never comes by the way.

I sort of blabbed on here because you hit a point with me that I wish more people were aware of. The fact that Christians need to do more now and stop expecting God to do it all. Fear and doom, breeds more fear and doom. I was actually writing out some rough draft notes for something about this on another level.

In the end, personally. I think you should pray and share the Word. Share this site if it's helped you. Ask God to direct your path. If you feel led to get involved politically, then that is probably what you should do. Only you can make that decision, but do not get locked into this frame of mind where if you try and do the right thing you are going against God. God will correct you if needed, but do not allow other men’s ideals to taint your own.

I told myself a long time ago. If I grow old and die, I want my kids to know I at least tried to make some positive change. Rather than telling them, I guess I was wrong about the timing of the last days.

Where is the harm in trying to make the world a better place?

Have a great day.

Thank You,

Brandon T. Ward

Note To Readers

Your personal situation will be different than Shannon’s, but you can still make positive changes in your own way. It may be volunteering, it may be any number of things. Your efforts do not need to be political at all.

Only you know what you are capable of. Only you know what your drive is. Only you know what you enjoy doing. Never say you are not capable of anything, because we all know better than that.

You can accomplish whatever it is you set your sights on, if you ask God, and stand with Him.

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.

Psalms 32:8

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