Will You Be Killed If You Do Not Worship The Beast?

Additional Notes:

Note On The Word "Killed"

Make sure to note the word "killed" in Revelation 13:15 means,

(to slay); to kill outright; figuratively to destroy: - put to death, kill, slay.

Revelation is full of symbology and when we combine Scripture together, it becomes clear, we are discussing the 'figurative destruction' of individuals who do not worship the image of the beast.

This simply means, the people who refuse to worship the image of the beast, those who refuse the mark of the beast will not be able to buy or sell, (Revelation 13:17). They will be unable to take part in the governmental system instituted by Satan who will claim to be God.


Will You Be Killed If You Do Not Worship The Beast?

Welcome to World Events and the Bible. I'm Brandon T. Ward. Hey, we got a question today from Mr. Kevin. So I'm going to read that to you, and then we're going to talk about it.

He says,

Hi, I had a question concerning Revelation 13:15, where it tells us that those who do not worship the beast should be killed. I read your explanation in one of your studies, how the root of the word in the Greek means to separate.

The study he's talking about is titled, Mark Of The Beast.

He says,

Which is true, of course, but that still does not make the word separate, and every other place in the Bible where the Greek word killed is used means to be killed.

It does, or slay, slew, slain, you know, along those natures, but it does have to do with death.

As Kevin's kind of explaining here, what we've talked about in the past is when you look at the root of that word “killed” there, it does mean “separate” as well. Though it is not used that way, but that's just something you have to dive in and look at for yourself in your Bible studies.

He continues here, he says,

This confuses me, because it definitely contradicts with other verses that say we will be safe, but I don't know how the word can mean to separate when it is the standard Greek word for killed.

That's exact exactly it, whenever you start finding contradictions in the Bible, you know, somewhere we've gone astray, right.

Or maybe the translation has gone astray.

Kevin: “Do you have any further explanation for it?”

I do.

We're going to get to it in just a minute, but let's finish this question.

I truly believe we'll be safe, but I have a hard time explaining this verse. Any help will be much appreciated. This has been a stumbling block for me and makes me not want to study more until I figure it out. Thank you.

Keep Studying, Don’t Give Up

Well, you always have to keep on studying Kevin. And, for anybody else, sometimes you get stuck up on stuff and you really can't make sense of it on your own. You just got to stay in the word. You got to stay in the word, keep studying, praying about it. That's the most important thing.

There have been times in my life. I remember years ago, I was trying to understand certain passages and scriptures and whatnot. I'd get so frustrated because I was trying as hard as I could. To do it, you know, to understand what it was, putting in all the time and everything. It just wasn't coming because it just wasn't time.

Everything will come in its own time, and it did. So just keep on studying, don't give up, keep on going. Maybe just leave that one aside, put it to the side for a little bit. Hopefully, we'll help you out with this one. All right.

So he's talking about Revelation 13:15.

The Image Of The Beast

So we should probably go ahead and read that one.

It says,

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

There is the hangup that people have, Oh, we're going to, we're going to die and whatnot.

Now you have to remember the Bible, especially the book of Revelation contains a ton of metaphors. Symbology and that type of thing. Now I will guarantee you, cause I'm going to prove it to you in the Bible that everybody who does not worship this image, will not be killed.

So there will be a lot of people who will not worship the image, and they will not be killed, even though that's what the scripture says.

When All Does Not Mean All: 1

There's a lot of times in the Bible when it says, “and all, all of the people are this, that, and another thing”. It doesn't really mean, “all” necessarily. Okay.

It is a figure of speech.

We do it all the time in the real world. Now that I mentioned it to you, you'll probably think about it throughout your day.

Sometimes we'll say, “all this, that, and another thing”, but it was not really everyone that we were talking about, or it wasn't “all” of something. Okay.

So that's what we are talking about, and it says in verse 15, “and he had power”, who is he?

The Dragon

Well, he is this Dragon spoken of in this 13th chapter. It says he has two horns, like a lamb. So he's an imposter.

If you flip back to Revelation, chapter 12, verse nine, you'll find out, that Dragon is actually Satan. Okay. So that's what we're talking about. So this dude, Satan, he steps on earth, and he's pretending to be the Lord and everything. He's doing all these religious acts and everything.

The one thing I have to make clear. Is when Satan appears on earth, he's not going to claim to be Satan. He's not going to say, “I'm the devil”.

He's going to say, “I'm God”, and I brought my kingdom here along with all these angels, and we're going to restore God's kingdom right here, (see: Who Is The Antichrist?).

Well, he's going to say my kingdom, right, because he's claiming to be God. So you want to remember that. All right.

Not Everyone Receives A Mark

Now the next verse, I want to read here is verse 16 and it says,

“And he”, the Dragon “causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.”

So they're going to, some people are going to receive a mark, and verse 17 says,

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

So slow down.

Stop thinking about the killed and everybody's going to be killed.

What did it say right there?

It says, no man can buy unless they have the mark of the beast, right?

So by definition, that means there's going to be some people who have not accepted this mark of the beast. It's the same people that are not going to worship the image, are going to be the same people that are not going to accept this mark.

To me, that's kind of plain as day when I read that, just because I've been over it so many times.

But I want to make it even more clear to you as scripture is going to do for us.

Let's see here. What is next? I want to cover, verse three actually. Let's back up just for a quick second here. I want to show you what I'm talking about when “all” doesn't necessarily mean “all”.

When All Does Not Mean All: 2

So Revelation 13:3, it says,

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death.

This is a governmental beast here.

And his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

Yet, it's not really going to be “all” the world. Okay. It's going to be most of the world, nearly all of the world.

But if you read Revelation chapter seven, there's those four winds that are unleashed. A little bit before the Tribulation. Right. And it says that those winds couldn't even be released until the 144,000 were sealed. They had to be sealed first. And if you keep reading Revelation seven, you learn about this great multitude, which no man could number. Right.

They're not going to worship the beast. They're not going to worship this image. They're not going to accept this mark, okay. So there's a lot of people that are not going to do that. It said, “all” though, but it doesn't really mean “all”, okay?

That is a metaphor if you want to put it that way. That's what we are talking about, all right? So you got that.

The Plagues Only Harm Those Who Accept The Mark Of The Beast

I want you to jump over with me to Revelation 16:2. And look at the time element we have here. Look at this time sequence, it says,

And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.

So this vial is being poured out during the Tribulation. During the Tribulation. And it is upon those who took the mark and worshiped the beast.

Remember what I said a second ago, the same people who take the mark are the same people who worship and whatnot. I mean, there you go. It's proven to you right there, but when it says this vial was poured out on them, that means the vial is not going to be poured out on some people.

Otherwise, it would have just said everybody's getting a vial, and then there would be no purpose of the Tribulation. There'd be no purpose in having the Two Witnesses show up later. There'd be no purpose in Revelation 7, and those saints, and the multitude we talked about being sealed. Okay.

So that's when you got to slow down sometimes and take away what you kind of put into your mind. Sometimes we kind of trip ourselves up, and scripture makes it pretty clear here. I know it can get a little confusing sometimes when it says “all” and whatnot, but just rightly divide the word, slow down, pray. We'll get it.

You can also find similar examples to what we read here in Revelation 16:2 in Revelation 14:11, and also Revelation 19:20. But the best example is here, because I mean, this has happened right during the Tribulation. Okay. Right, during the Tribulation.

I want to keep proving this point.

So make sure you write down all these verses we're talking about here. When you have a doubt in your mind, you're going to come back and reference this stuff here, because we're not going to have any doubts. All right.

The Saints Will Not Worship The Beast

So the next one, I want to talk about Revelation chapter 20, verse four. How about that?

And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus

All throughout history. Okay.

And for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

All right, check it out. I mean, we've got it broken down pretty good there.

We're talking about everybody, all throughout history who died for the word of God. Who died for being a believer in Jesus Christ. There's been a ton of them, it happens every day, even to this day.

Then we have a different time sequence here. We start talking about those who accepted the mark of the beast. Well, you can't accept the mark of the beast until Satan's on earth. Revelation chapter 13 points it out there. Satan's the one who brings about the mark, right?

He's the one who makes the image that people are supposed to worship.

So until he's on earth, nobody could worship that stuff.

But then what happens?

It says, “those who did not worship the beast” and all that “reign with Christ a thousand years”.

So the time sequence here is the Millennium.

The Tribulation has now passed, we're in the Millennium. Jesus Christ is on earth. The people who stood for God throughout history, meaning those who passed on before us, and the people who will stand with God during the Tribulation.

Think of Revelation, chapter seven, all the 144,000 and the multitude of saints from all the races of the world, and different tongues and nations it says. Those are going to be the people that are reigning with Jesus for a thousand years. Getting things set up, trying to educate some of the people who fell astray.

You know, maybe they put God in second place and they're going to try to give them an education. God's fair. He's completely fair. The Bible tells us that over and over again. All right. So don't forget about that.

The 144,000 Are Redeemed From The Earth

I want to also jump over to Revelation chapter 14, verse one, putting in some exercise on our fingers today.

Revelation 14 verse one and it says,

"And I looked"

And just real quick, this is after the Tribulation. Okay. Like moments after the Tribulation.

"I looked and low a lamb", Jesus Christ "stood on Mount Zion and with him 144,000" from Revelation seven, "having his father's name written in their forehead."

Just like some of the people had the the mark of beast in their hand, in their forehead.

Look at these that are sealed, they have the name of their father in their forehead. “In” it's not “on” there are no tattoos. There are no marks. There are no chips for the mark of the beast. It's none of that kind of silly stuff. That's fairy tale stuff. Okay.

It says, God's people will have a mark too. It's “in” your head.

It's what you believe right now. All right.

Verse three, check it out. So you have Jesus there, you have the 144,000 there. And then verse three says,

And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.

They're redeemed, they weren't killed, they didn't get whacked.

They stood for God through the whole Tribulation and He protected them, just like he did in Egypt with the Hebrews.

Remember that?

The Ten Plagues of Egypt that befell on them. None of the plagues affected the children of Goshen, where the Israelites lived. None of the plagues affected them. Only the people who stood against God. God always protects his own people.

So these people that were redeemed, the 144,000. They are those in Matthew 24:31 that, at the end of the Tribulation, it says, “and Jesus sent his angels to gather his elect from the four winds”.

That's them right there.

The 144,000.

The Saints Will Be A Witness For God

You think about it, in Luke 21:12 through 19. It's those same people who are not going to be harmed when they're delivered up before counselors, kings and whatnot.

They're not going to be harmed by the enemy, whether it's Satan or it's just some local government official. If they're put there for the testimony of Jesus Christ, they're not going to be harmed.

What is the whole point of that testimony in Luke 21?

So the Holy spirit speaks through you. No one will be able to gain say against what you will say.

That means no one will be able to say, “Oh, he's lying” or “Oh, this or that”.

No, it's just the truth, and people, it will start to open eyes. And that is the entire point of having those sealed, the 144,000 and this multitude, is so they can be a witness for the entire world.

Telling the people that, "Hey, this dude, that's claiming to be God, and all these angels that came with him, they're the devil and his angels".

And no one's going to believe it. I mean, barely anybody's going to believe it, only these people that are sealed.

It won't be until the witnessing starts happening in Luke 21. And when the two witnesses show up midway through the Tribulation, when people's eyes will begin to open a little bit.

A Five Month Tribulation

I wanted to cover another verse here with you, Revelation 13:7. Yeah. Let's do that. Let me flip over here, Revelation 13:7, and it says,

“And it was given unto him”, the Dragon. It was given to the Dragon “to make war with the saints”.

That's the 144,000, the multitude,

To overcome them and power was given him over all kindreds and tongues and nations.

At the middle of the week. That's the middle of the Tribulation, Satan, who plays the role of God has absolute control over the entire world. Everybody will have bought into his lie. And that's about the time when the two witnesses show up, and they're going to put the kibosh to that.

God's leading the way. All right. Don't take anything away from him. But you have actors on earth, and it will be fleshman who are the 144,000. And you're going to have the two witnesses who I think come from heaven.

And I know it's halfway through the Tribulation. We know because of verse five and it says,

“And there was given unto him,” the Dragon, “a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.”

42 months is three and a half years.

That's half of the tribulation.

It was all originally seven years, and the entire thing was shortened down to five months. Jesus told it was shortened in Matthew 24:22. And you have to put the puzzle pieces together, and in Revelation 9:5, lets the cat out of the bag, that it's five months.

Tying Revelation 13:7 & Daniel 7:25 Together

In Daniel here, the last one that I will cover with you, Daniel 7:25. I want to tie the two together, okay. I want to tie the two together for you, Daniel 7:25.

Cause, it says, he was given power and everything, right?

And he spoke, spoke blasphemies against God and whatnot, and Daniel 7:25 says,

And he shall speak great words against the most High.

That's the Dragon, Satan, whatever you want to call him. The one pretending to be God. He's speaking, blasphemies against the most High by claiming to be him.

And shall wear out the saints.

Remember, Satan makes war against the saints in Revelation. It's the same thing.

Of the most high, and think to change times and laws. And they

The saints

Shall be given into his hand.

The Dragon's hand.

For a time and times and the dividing of time.

That's three and a half times. Half of the tribulation. All right. They're not killed. They're not killed.

The Kingdom Will Be Given To The Saints

We do have another verse to jump down to, I lied to you. It's verse 27. Okay, and it says,

And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him.

So over, and over, and over again, we see that God protects his people.

There's going to be some people like when that second vial pours out, that are going to be harmed by that plague. But there's going to be a lot of people who are not.

I shouldn't say a lot, 144,000 and a multitude is a lot of people, but not compared to 7.7 billion people on earth, should the end happen on our watch.

The Saints Come Out Of The Tribulation

The last one, actually, there is one more. Revelation 7:14 explains, those saints, that multitude came out of tribulation. They came out of the great tribulation. They didn't get killed.

So I hope all that has helped you. Make sure to write those verses down. Then you can always reference them, and take comfort in the word right here.

Thank you so much for watching and have a great day.

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