The Tribulation is the moment in time when Satan and his angels are cast from Heaven to earth. Once on earth, Satan will claim to be God and display miracles in the sight of men to convince them he is God. This will be so convincing, nearly the entire world will worship him partaking in the Great Apostasy, everyone, except for the Saints of Almighty God.

In The Timeline of the Tribulation, we take you through eight individual chapters that discuss very specific events that will transpire before, and during the Great Tribulation. We accomplish that by explaining the symbology contained in the book of Daniel and Revelation, and we discuss how it relates to our world today, and the future Tribulation. We also explain the original 7 years of Tribulation was shortened by Jesus Christ.

We have done our best to diligently seek out the Scriptures, and through prayer, we believe this led us to the conclusions that produced what we call, The Timeline of the Tribulation. It is now up to you, to diligently pray and read with understanding the studies we have presented to you, so you may understand, the Tribulation timeline.


Brandon T. Ward



Chapter 1:

The Scarlet Beast With Seven Heads And Ten Horns

We explain the symbology associated with the Scarlet Beast of Revelation which takes us to the book of Daniel and the Great Image in Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream. We also discuss how this Scarlet Beast is tied into the current global structure, and how it will reign during the Tribulation.

Chapter 2:

Daniel’s Vision: The Ram And The Goat

We explain Daniel’s Vision and the symbology behind the Ram and the Goat, an event that will usher in the Four Winds of Revelation and the Tribulation shortly after.

Chapter 3:

The Four Winds Of Revelation

We discuss the symbology of the Four Winds of Revelation, and explain what it means when they are unleashed on the earth. From there we discuss when the Seven Trumpets begin to sound, events that bring us extremely close to the beginning of the Tribulation.

Chapter 4:

The Deadly Wound

We explain what receives the Deadly Wound of Revelation. An event that will bring humanity to its knees, an event that ushers in the appearance of Satan which begins the Tribulation.

Chapter 5:

The Timing Of Satan’s Appearance

Using Scripture, we define a potential time frame for the appearance of Satan who will be cast from Heaven to earth. This event initiates the Tribulation, the moment in time when Satan will claim to be God before the entire earth.

Chapter 6:

The Hour Of Temptation

We explain when the Hour of Temptation takes place, and how it ties into the 70 Weeks of Daniel. We also discuss the Great Apostasy, and the actual length of the Tribulation.

Chapter 7:

The Silence In Heaven And The Two Witnesses

We explain when the Silence in Heaven takes place, and how it relates to the appearance of the Two Witnesses spoken of in Revelation. We also discuss how this relates to the Midst of the Week, and the Testimony Jesus described that takes place during the Tribulation.

Chapter 8:

The Epic Battle Of The Saints

We discuss the Saints spiritual battle against Satan during the Tribulation. Not only do we discuss it from a future perspective, but we tie it into the Biblical past providing additional insight.


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