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Churches Lawsuit Forces Oregon Governor To Re-Open Everything… But Wait…

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Ten churches filed a lawsuit against Governor Brown citing her illegal lockdown orders, and won. Baker County circuit Judge Matthew Shirtcliff ruled Brown had the authority to close businesses and churches during a public health emergency, but Brown exceeded the 28-day time frame Oregon law allows.

No sooner did the ruling come down, and the State Supreme Court stepped in late Monday evening and put a hold on the ruling.

Oregon Live reports,

The hold will remain in effect until the high court considers the state’s full petition to dismiss the Baker County Circuit judge’s preliminary injunction.

State Supreme Court Presiding Justice Thomas A. Balmer,

Gave the plaintiffs until Friday to file any responses and said the court would take the matter under advisement, with no set timetable for a decision.

I am sure residents of Oregon will have much to say about this today…

For the record, last week Wisconsin saw their illegal lockdown orders overturned. That is always why we must strive to do what is right. We should never allow our rights to be removed, if we do, we just may never get them back.


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