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Europe’s New Copyright Law Could Change The Entire Web

You remember GDPR right?

Maybe not, no one really said much about it, though it was far reaching. It is a European Union law that “protects the privacy” of European users, yet, it impacted the entire web. This is why you see privacy statements all over websites these days, to comply or be sued.

Why is a European Union law handcuffing the rest of the world?…

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My Letter To Defense Secretary James Mattis

US Soldiers Bow For Prayer

US Soldiers Bow For Prayer

I recently read an article that explained how two atheist organizations worked together and filed a complaint with the Department of Defense over graduation prayers. Working together, the two athiest organizatons penned a letter that was sent to Defense Secretary James Mattis in a formal complaint.

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The Division Of A Nation Escalates

asphalt crack fissure divide

Without a doubt, we have an enormous and escalated agenda taking place in our nation. We touched on it two days ago in this post. I know nothing about the Daily Stormer and never heard of them until a few days ago.

Yet, that site has been banned by Facebook, Twitter, GoDaddy, Google and now Cloudflare who once said they will defend anyone. You better wake up people. The hour is growing very late. This is not about so called “white power“…

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The United States Funding Of Terrorism Created ISIS

The United States Funding Of Terrorism Created ISIS

The United States Funding Of Terrorism Created ISIS

This post will serve as a collection of quotes and various documentation to prove the United States government among other nations and world bodies (Global Powers) have funded terrorism, specifically ISIS. If you are new to this subject what you will learn is extremely disturbing. If you understand this subject, this is good reference material for yourself and to share with others.

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The Deadly Wound

The Timeline of the Tribulation Chapter 4 - The Deadly Wound

The Timeline of the Tribulation Chapter 4 – The Deadly Wound

At this point in our study it should be clear that Jerusalem itself is not a horn of power, Israel controls nothing. The children of Satan on the other hand do control Jerusalem along with the rest of the world for the most part. They control the world today, but not absolute as nation states still exist which offer a thin barrier against their globalist agenda. After the events we covered in Chapter 3 the children of Satan will essentially have a more consolidated control of the world, but it will not last. It will be at this time that we witness a Deadly Wound take hold on their new global structure which is the fulfillment of the sixth head, the sixth kingdom which consists of the Ten Horns, the Ten Clay Kings.

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January 15th: 70 Nations Will Meet At The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Summit

Jaffa Gate Wall Israel

Jaffa Gate Wall, Israel

Much fear and hype is being placed around a Peace Summit that will take place on January 15th. This summit will feature 70 nations from around the globe who will meet in Paris, France to discuss the issue of a two state solution between Israel and the Palestinians. This certainly is not an unprecedented event, these so-called meetings of peace have been taking place for years now and as Christians we understand there will be no peace until our Lord and Savior returns (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

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The UN Resolution Against Israel and the Truth of the Nation

Dome of the Rock – FlickrCC License

Israel has temporarily suspended “working” ties with the 12 nations who voted in favor of a resolution condemning Israel for building on Palestinian land. Of course this “suspension” really has no bite, just as the United Nations Resolution has no bite.

However, what many do not realize is Israel continually has no regard for their neighbors. Israel has demolished thousands of Palestinian homes and other settlements in order to clear the land so Israel can build settlements on land that is not theirs. This illegal and devastating action by Israel was recently at a five year high and many do not realize that Israel has an economic blockade against Gaza that has been in effect since 2007. The truth be told this aggression by Israel has been taking place since the onset of World War II.

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The Destruction of Our Nation and the Ballot Box

United States Capital Building

The United States of America. Once blessed, once great. Have you ever asked yourself why this nation was once blessed? Why and how did this nation become the greatest nation on the face of the earth? It was because we put our Father first, He was not only a part of our lives, He was a part of the nation itself. For decades we have allowed officials and presidents into power that do not know our Father. We have embraced church leaders who do not know God, instead, they lean on their own understanding (Jeremiah 17:5, Proverbs 3:5). “We The People”, as a whole, as a nation have lost our way. We have lost sight of the fact that it was God, our Father in Heaven who blessed this nation and made it great, not us or those we allowed to enter into office.

This year like so many times before we are faced with a presidential race “that is the most important in history”. There are only two candidates, both of which were forced on us by the children of Satan and their mainstream media. Donald Trump the Republican candidate and Hillary Clinton the Democratic candidate. Nearly 90% of you did not want either of them to be your president to begin with. Yet here we are, days away from the election and all the people can say is vote for Trump or Clinton.

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Treason: Trump, GOP and the NRA look to ban Americans on “terror watch list” and “no fly list” from buying firearms

We will open this article with a clip from the Washington Post and quotes from Donald Trump and the NRA.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and some vulnerable GOP lawmakers signaled Wednesday that they are open to changing the nation’s gun laws, raising the possibility that the political tide might be shifting on an issue that has sharply divided Americans for years.

On Wednesday, Trump said he would schedule a meeting soon with the National Rifle Association to discuss proposals to ban people on certain federal watch lists from buying firearms. Trump was renewing a position he first expressed last year after a mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif. But on Wednesday he took it to a new level, via Twitter, by calling for a meeting with the NRA.

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Fallen Soldiers, In Vain – Video

Have you ever asked yourself why our nation and other European nations continue to be involved in endless wars? Why are our soldiers continuing to die and for whose cause…

Is The U.S. Political System Rigged By Global Powers? – Video

Is the U.S. political system rigged by Global Powers? In this video we discuss this and also cover this subject from a Biblical perspective by reading Deuteronomy 28.

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Inverted Stars, A Sign of the Times

American Flag Inverted

Our world grows darker by the day. Not only are lies and deception reigning supreme, so is Satan and anything that relates to him. May 2014 Harvard hosted a “reenactment” of a Satanic Mass. November 2014 U.S. House Representatives bowed their heads in prayer to an Islamic leader. December 2014 a Florida City Council meeting opened with an invocation to Satan. July 2015 the Satanic Temple publicly displayed a goat headed statue in Detroit and they hope to have it appear next to the Ten Commandments in Oklahoma. (I want to make it clear Satanists are not children of Satan, children of Satan are literally the offspring of Cain.)

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