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While Biden Talks Russian War, America Falls Apart

It’s diversion tactics. The people are like a kitten, we see a ball and there we go chasing after it. Quickly forgetting what we were so intensely focusing on moments before. You have seen the


The COVID-19 Narrative Continues To Fall Apart

After nearly two years of scare from an “invisible enemy”, the narrative behind the COVID-19 pandemic continues to fall apart around the world. As it turns out, the final nail in the coffin is COVID


Good News Friday! Biden Goes Down In Flames

Happy Friday! The world is still a rotten place, but we have some reasons to celebrate. Let’s talk about it! Supreme Court Halts COVID-19 OSHA Mandate Yesterday, the Supreme Court blocked Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate

Cyberwar & Tech

How About A Dose Of Reality?

Today, we are going to touch on various subjects floating in the news. We are also going to self-reflect, say God and Jesus, and talk about this mixed-up world we call home. It’s going to


Don't Get Caught Up In The Hype

You ever notice how people, all of us tend to get wound up over things? We all have our own beliefs, once something comes across our desk that aligns with our beliefs, boy we latch


I Don't Know What To Talk About Today!

Wow, who runs a headline like that? A crazy guy like me I suppose. As I rummaged through the news today, it just sickened me. After a while, it just becomes more of the same


Fauci And Friends Are Sad Little Men

I don’t know about you, but each day, the headlines continue to amaze and amuse me. I want to share a video with you today, but before we get there, let me share some headlines.

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