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The Destruction of Our Nation and the Ballot Box

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United States Capital Building

The United States of America. Once blessed, once great. Have you ever asked yourself why this nation was once blessed? Why and how did this nation become the greatest nation on the face of the earth? It was because we put our Father first, He was not only a part of our lives, He was a part of the nation itself. For decades we have allowed officials and presidents into power that do not know our Father. We have embraced church leaders who do not know God, instead, they lean on their own understanding (Jeremiah 17:5, Proverbs 3:5). “We The People”, as a whole, as a nation have lost our way. We have lost sight of the fact that it was God, our Father in Heaven who blessed this nation and made it great, not us or those we allowed to enter into office.

This year like so many times before we are faced with a presidential race “that is the most important in history”. There are only two candidates, both of which were forced on us by the children of Satan and their mainstream media. Donald Trump the Republican candidate and Hillary Clinton the Democratic candidate. Nearly 90% of you did not want either of them to be your president to begin with. Yet here we are, days away from the election and all the people can say is vote for Trump or Clinton.

What about making a stand against the establishment who is forcing these two candidates down your throat? Most of us do not want either of them in office, so instead of accepting the principles and morals of the two candidates, let us discuss with our fellow men why these two have been allowed to run in the first place. Why are they our selections if we did not want or choose them? That is the topic we should be discussing.

Why do we not reject both candidates and the entire system that is falsely claiming we have an actual choice? The system that is forcing us to accept these two unwanted people as the next president of the most powerful nation on earth.

Nationally that discussion is not likely to occur as we are predisposition to discuss only what the mainstream media drums into our minds as truth. Their truth is Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Can we not think for ourselves or is this too controversial to discuss with family and friends? Our lack of reason, our lack of ability to think for ourselves is yet another reason why we find ourselves in this boat, because we have allowed our voices to be silenced. Because we have allowed our ideals and principles to be stepped on and our morals to be manipulated into worthlessness.

Do you realize Jesus Christ did not come to send peace on the earth or to fix all your problems? Out of His own mouth, “Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division”, (Luke 12:51). Christ did not come here to talk sweet to everyone and tell them what they wanted to hear. He came to divide the righteous from the evil. He came to tell us the truth and we should do the same even if it rattles some nerves. By voting for evil, even if it is the lesser of two evils, you are still voting for evil. Voting for any evil is not following Christ. By voting for any evil you are allowing yourself to be divided and you are not choosing to stand with God.

Let us talk about that division for a moment and turn your Bible with me to,

Hebrews 4:12
12 “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

To divide soul and spirit, this is a spiritual war of good and evil. Between God and Satan. Who will you stand with? It is not easy to swing this Sword of truth. Making a stand against the majority has never been an easy task, but with our Father we can succeed. We can stand!

Revelation 18:4
4 “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

This voice from Heaven is telling us to remove ourselves from the children of Satan’s government and not participate in it. This voice from Heaven is telling you to make a stand for God or reap the rewards for standing and supporting evil.

There is a great storm coming on the earth my friends and all we can see are the dark clouds on the horizon approaching at this point in time. If you cannot see through the lies and deception of the storm that is far away. How will you ever be able to stand for God and weather the storm that is coming? How will you be able to weather the storm when it is overhead? Satan’s storm of lies and deception.

Let us talk about more truth.

Neither political candidate; Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump have this nations or your best interests at heart. There is no question about it, Hillary Clinton is in bed with the globalists. From where I sit she would be the perfect candidate to finish the destruction of this nation. Donald Trump on the other hand touts his slogan, “Make America Great Again,” yet America will never be great without our Father. No man on the face of this earth can make America great without our Father being involved. I have seen nothing from Trump to indicate he stands for God, quite the opposite. I have heard him tell me how I should allow a transgender man in the bathroom with my daughter. I have heard him tell me how sinless he is and how he wants to remove some of our firearm rights and of course he wants to sick NATO on sovereign nations.

You might say, “it is our duty to vote for the candidate who is most in line with God”. I would say, “you are still voting for evil”.

Why should we do that? Because it is Godly? Because that has worked so well in the past? Because it has worked so well Americans continue to lose their freedoms, so well our men and women continue to fight endless wars to serve the globalists and so well we have record abortion and STD levels in this nation? Voting for evil has never worked, all it has done is led this country to depravity and ruin. We see this with our own eyes year after year, but we vote for the lesser of two evils as if we will really expect to see a different result.

We are told “We The People” have a choice and that we can control our future. If that were true we would see two worthy candidates on the television. We would have voting machines that did not flip the entered vote. We would not have dead men and women voting. We would not have illegal aliens bused into the polls to vote. If that statement were true my friends we would not have the Electoral College vote that overrules your vote and makes your vote 100% void and puts into office who they want, not who you choose. Think about that for a moment. Do you understand? Your vote means nothing. Your vote does not count. They are merely making it appear as if your vote counts, but it is a horrible lie. The two party system is a lie, a ploy to deceive you into believing “We The People” are in control. You have no choice for president and you have no voice because you have allowed yourself to be silenced by not questioning why these two are our “choices” to begin with. How did that happen when 90% of us did not want either one of them in office? The rights “We The People” supposedly enjoy have been subverted, stolen and you are being led and deceived by evil people who have in effect enslaved the nation and the nation is still completely blind to it.

The fact is the candidate the children of Satan want in office will make it into office. If by some chance a candidate made it into office they did not want, that person would be removed through death or other means and I think both Kennedys are a perfect example of that. Make no mistake about it, the United States is the tool of the children of Satan. We have been enslaved and deceived into forcing the free nations of the world into a one world government. The children of Satan are extremely close to obtaining their one world government and they are not going to miss any opportunities to advance their agenda. Keeping you in a state of false hope, of false choice for your next “leader” is key to their success.

Let us talk about even more truth.

This nation will not turn around because a man or woman of God is not going to inherit the White House, plain and simple. No matter who occupies the White House in January, these things are certain. We are witnessing the final events of this age of flesh and they are coming to pass rapidly. We will have a one world government that will receive a Deadly Wound to its structure, one the children of Satan cannot heal. However, Satan, their father will heal this Deadly Wound when he is cast from Heaven to earth. The world will be in such disarray the people will cling to Satan who they perceive to be Christ, they will accept him as Christ and the kingdom he establishes on earth. At the midst of the week, the Saints will stand for our Father along with the Two Witnesses and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will return and reign as King over the entire earth.

In closing, please turn your Bible with me to,

Daniel 2:21
21 “And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:”

Who sets up kings and removes them? You and I at a rigged ballot box? No. Your Father in Heaven does. He not only sets up kings and presidents, but he removes them from power as well. We should all take comfort in knowing in spite of all the plans implemented by the children of Satan, our Father will select the candidate that will fulfill His Word. Our Father is almighty and powerful and we can take comfort in Him and His Word.

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  1. Well maybe voting for what one thinks is the lessor of two evils is okay, because, there will not be one righteous here in the flesh ever anyway except the Lord and His return. I understand “gray” areas, but in the big scheme of things and the very little (on/off), it’s really either wrong or right and we weigh it in the balance. What one needs to know, is we don’t worship man (a man), but rather muddle through as we go through life on a path with choices and when unknown allow the Holy Spirit to guide. I did not see as much evilness in Trump as I did in Clinton, and what was right in each, even if equal, also played a roll.

  2. Wow enlightening. Thanks for sharing

  3. Consider the possibility of Daniel 7:4 speaking to us in the
    context of a literal man that will lead the children of the promise against
    globalism and towards a deadly wound. A deadly wound is Gods will and voting
    against globalism isn’t necessarily getting in the way of Gods plan. Tread
    carefully, thoughtfully, and playfully tempered with Gods wisdom of course.

    And if we read Daniel 11 we see a leader in the king of the south battling
    first Esau and then eventually satan while in his dragon role during the first
    half an hour right up until he pulls a role change at the mid point and claims
    to be God. I certainly could be wrong but see the world between Dan 11:12 and
    11:13 at this point in time. And backing up a bit to just before satans hour we
    can see that Dan 11:14 makes no mention of a female leader, but a king leading
    the south. No Merkel, no Clinton, there is no female gender there. Maybe its
    several more years off, but a short time could tell if Daniel 7:4 is speaking
    of a literal man in the future. It certainly didn’t say anything about a
    righteous man in the eyes of God.

    Now the points about individual votes being about worthless are valid. Except
    to consider that the more popular votes discounted the more obvious it becomes
    to the lost children that their will has been superseded with corruption and
    outright theft. And the sooner is that they will organize around doing
    something about it. And from what I see in God’s word the south is going to be stirred
    up to fight at several points in the fulfillment of His plan.

    I think the key here if one decides to join in on anything going on in this world
    is to not get in Gods way, protect your integrity that you might serve
    later if delivered up, and plant seeds of truth all along the way. I personally
    am going to vote not in the hopes that we try to run away from Gods will. But I
    will vote in the hope that some of the baby killing, drug pushing, and other
    garbage foisted upon this nation might get disrupted to even a small degree in
    the interim. It will take an hour of my time to try, but at least I will have
    done what I could on that front. Maybe while in line an opportunity to talk to
    someone about state of the world will present itself. And I as many of you are no
    dummy to what is going on amongst the four horns of power.

    Finally consider that It’s not till satan is booted from heaven that we are to
    sit the sidelines and remain silent until delivered up. Personally I don’t feel
    its time to sit the sidelines just yet, but to tread carefully lead with the
    wisdom of God as best as each of us can.

    • Thank you for the comment Brogan. Let me say, not voting is not sitting on the sidelines. Since people keep repeating that I suppose I will repeat myself as well. I think voting at the local level is a good idea. This article was about the presidential election, period. Over and over on this site we talk about making a stand for God and doing. I work for that stand each and everyday right here on this site as one example. Others have a different way they make a stand.

      But to say not voting is sitting on the sidelines sounds like something the mainstream media would say. I would ask, after the election what will you or others be doing to try and make some difference? If the only plan is the ballot box and then they are done, I would say that is sitting on the sidelines. I hope that has sunk in with everyone and they understand that. No one ever said not to do anything is the take away here. I had specifically said we should reject the system itself and talk with our fellow man about why those two are representing us when we did not ask for them.

    • Brogan’s comment, “Finally consider that It’s not till satan is booted from heaven that we are to
      sit the sidelines and remain silent until delivered up”

      we are not to set on the sidelines, not ever. God never said to do
      that. Telling people the truth and waking them up is not sitting on the
      sidelines, it is actively doing God’s work. Inform them and wake them
      up, and let them do as they feel led. That is what we should all be
      doing, actively supporting God.

      Voting for the president on the
      other hand is sitting on the sidelines and worse. It does nothing, it
      only appears to do something, it is fake activism. It is participating
      in the governmental system God said very clearly to come out of. It is
      encouraging others to remain in the system. It is not doing what God
      said to do, therefore voting is setting on the sideline and doing
      nothing. When you speak of doing something or not doing something, it
      is only God’s will that counts, you are either doing something for God
      or you are not, voting is not, so that is setting on the sidelines and
      putting you in satan’s camp.

      Also you said “the more popular votes discounted the more obvious it becomes
      to the lost children that their will has been superseded with corruption and
      outright theft.”

      is not true, the kenites will never let them come to that conclusion,
      instead the kenites will spin something and continue to mislead the
      people, as long as people stay in the game the lies will continue. If
      you vote, they still control you, period. Saying things like that only
      fools people into being fooled. I don’t think you truly understand the
      concept of what is really going on. You can put any spin on it you want
      but the facts will not change. Either you are doing something for God,
      or you are doing something for satan, there is no middle ground, no
      gray area. There is no participating in something bad and hoping for
      something good to come from it. Sitting on the sidelines and doing
      nothing is still doing something for satan, so don’t sit around doing
      nothing and don’t vote in satan’s selection process. Speak for God,
      spread His truth and wake people up. What they do with that knowledge
      is between them and God.

      • “”the kenites will never let them come to that
        conclusion, instead the kenites will spin something and continue to mislead the

        They sure may if it leads the children into the larger snare
        and it is Gods will that it be so. And again referring to Daniel 11 we see the
        lost children stirred up to fight on several fronts and occasions only to be
        led later to their spiritual slaughter when satan changes roles and claims to
        be God. I think it really helps to try to strategize and think like the enemy
        to understand their moves and how it is they will be used to fulfill Gods word.

        Satan and kids will certainly feign good or let it seem to
        prevail for a time to win the larger prize they are after. Could there be some
        opportunity in there to save some unwanted children who might otherwise be
        ripped out of the womb? Or is there opportunity in there to stop our troops
        from protecting drug fields in foreign lands only to have those same drugs sent
        back into our communities to poison our children? There certainly could be at
        least for a time, and if so then why not get behind and support those things?

        “”There is no participating in something bad and hoping
        for something good to come from it.””

        I disagree and see opportunity to add love and compassion
        where ever one can in and between the evil. Case in point the Internet is
        certainly of this world and is chalk full of vice, psyop, and confusion. It is
        overtly bad and there is no denying that as it destroys lives and families on a
        daily basis. But this website and others are still here to add some light in
        the darkness are they not?

        You don’t need to answer those questions, but I pose them
        just to illustrate my perspective.


  4. I agree with everything you stated Brandon, you have made plain what most of us have been aware of but not able to articulate all the connections of these trying events (At least for me anyway) This time in our history is i believe will be a turning point not for better but for worse after this election (no mastery there) no matter who takes the office of shame.

    I personally have not voted in many years and do not intend to, it’s my choice. Brandon is not saying nor has he ever said not to vote or do what you will, but to give a heads up that if you do vote it won’ really matter because the voting booth has been corrupted, with illegals and corrupt bureaucrats, just in my state they quoted 100.000 new registered voters in Sept and more in October, i find that interesting it may be the same in your own state so who are these people ? and where are they coming from. your vote will only count if it’s in the interest of the powers that be.

    Over the years i have watched this country decay and become immoral and nothing but a cesspool of corruption both high and low, as all of us have, but as our LORD has said our time is not yet, but will be soon at least i hope to see his coming, and am found worthy. if some of you may not know how our voting system works I’ll leave you with this in case you interested in how your vote works I did not write this i did a web search, Peace to all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

    How were the President and Vice-President Originally elected.?

    Founders wanted a way to ensure that the president would be the best
    person for the job. So they didn’t want the people to choose him because
    they were afraid that the people can be swayed by illogical passions.
    As a result the created the Electoral College. It worked like this…
    Every state would get Electors equal to it’s total representation in
    Congress (Representatives and Senators). Every four years the state
    legislatures would choose Electors who would then be tasked with voting
    for the new president. Whoever got the most Electoral Votes would become
    President, and whoever got the second most would become Vice-President.
    The big change in amendment 12 is that they would vote separately for
    President and Vice President. Remember, in the original scheme they were
    only voting for president, and whoever got the second most votes ended
    up as the VP.
    This part of the Constitution was changed because of the election of
    1800 in which Thomas Jefferson was running for president and was forced
    to accept as his VP Aaron Burr, whom Jefferson hated. Because the choice
    of President and VP are separated, this new system allowed for
    presidential candidates to choose the person they wanted to run with as
    VP. And this is the system we have today.
    The way presidents are chosen today is technically the same as it was back then with one exception. Let me explain it…
    The Constitution gives the right to choose Electors to the state
    legislatures, right? But over the years the state legislatures passed
    laws saying that the voters in the state would have the right to choose
    the electors, and that the state legislatures would be bound by the
    decisions of the voters. After that happened the political parties put
    out slates of their own electors who would vote for the pre-approved
    candidate from the party. So today, when you vote for president, you’re
    actually not voting for the person, you’re voting for that person’s
    slate of electors. Look at California, for example. Here’s what happens
    California has 55 Electoral votes (because it has 53 Representatives and 2 Senators in Congress)
    The Democratic Party of California chose 55 people from
    among themselves who would vote for Obama. And the Republican Party of
    California chose 55 loyal Republicans who would vote for McCain. Only
    one of these slates can be activated. So…
    We hold the election, and the people of California vote for president.
    Whichever candidate gets more popular votes from the people of
    California will get his slate of Electors activated by the state
    legislature (which is still constitutionally required to choose the
    Since Californians voted overwhelmingly for Obama, the state is bound to
    activate HIS slate of Electors. Obama won the popular vote in
    California, so he wins all of the state’s 55 Electoral Votes.

  5. In recent elections about 2 in 5 professed Christians took their God given right to vote for granted and did not vote. 1 in 5 are not even registered! With that said, the message of Christ has been taken out of the public arena. By not voting, we pass up the opportunity
    to preserve and protect our faith and God given freedoms. If the 50 million professed Christians had been ‘encouraged’ instead of ‘discouraged’ to vote, we wouldn’t be in this mess! We Christians have the power to stop this evil if we would only unify against ‘real’
    as opposed to ‘imagined’ evil. Let’s look at the realities of this upcoming election.
    We have two candidates, neither of which is perfect. In reality, Trump has used vulgar language, may be proud and boisterous, and even called a lady a ‘bimbo’! Hillary,on the other hand, if elected, will stand for the slaughter of millions of unborn babies (at our expense), but Trump calls a lady a bimbo?! If Hillary is elected, our Constitution is GONE,
    FOREVER! She will destroy the economy, cause a war, all forms of abortion will be legal,
    and she will be instrumental in pushing America over a cliff.
    Instead of educating Christians , who could vote as a moral bloc, the pulpit and many
    Christian leaders have succeeded in creating apathy and naïveté among Christians .
    Ask yourselves, ‘Where is your Christianity when it comes to protecting your country from tyranny?’ Where is your Christianity when it comes to protecting your religious beliefs?’
    Where is your Christianity when it comes to protecting the unborn?’
    None of these things will improve overnight, but we have to start somewhere.
    As Christisns, we are not called to throw down our swords, but to stand up and follow
    our commandment to fulfill our civic duties.

    • Gloria said: “By not voting, we pass up the opportunity to preserve and protect our faith and God given freedoms”
      Gloria, you could not be more wrong. Your vote is 100% discounted, of null affect. Cast your vote, don’t cast your vote, it is the same difference.

  6. I respectfully think, Brandon, you are wrong. We are not to just sit back and let Father do all the work. He expects us to stand for something and do what we can. Not voting is wrong. It is our right and our obligation. If only to keep Hilary out of office, we should vote for Trump. I am convinced that she is not only controlled by the kenites, but that she is demonically possessed. I have not heard Trump say the things you stated he said, but he is not perfect. I have no desire to have dinner with the man, but most of what he is saying about saving this nation is spot on truth. We have to stand before Christ with what we have done. If we do not stand for something or in this case against something we will be held responsible. I believe it is dangerous to tell people not to vote.

    • Sanchez, good morning and that is your right no problems here. But you will not find anywhere where I said we should sit back and do nothing and you certainly will not find where I told anyone not to vote. Quite the contrary. I said we should be up in arms about why these two candidates of our enemy are in office when 90% of us did not support them to begin with. I think you missed the point of the article and do not understand the election process. I understand what I said may be hard for you and some other people to understand, but I did not say anything that was untruthful. It may be hard for you to accept, but it is truthful.

      You were left links to read where trump said what I stated. It sounds like you choose not to read those links. If the election process was legitimate I would agree with you on some parts here, but it certainly is not as we outlined in the article. I will not justify their continued play on the American people. You vote or do not vote. That is your decision. We tell no one what to do here, but we do teach the Word of God and provide our point of view.

      • With all due respect and absolute truth, but not all the truth about the situations at hand!
        Approx. 93 Trump U.S. Rallies to Hillary’s 13ish. With 10’s of thousands of participant’s at Trump’s to Hillary’s laughable handful’s. There is truly a movement not shown by the media! Youtube choice, Yes! I was at the one in Golden Colorado occupationally. And have never seen that many people in my life at that county fairgrounds! And this is a blue state! The truth is hidden beyond belief by the children of Satan! Trump needs prayer, not condemnation. Even in his sin being no more than ours as a nation, I believe we need to stand as one body in defense of the better good! How is this different from the past? This generation may not pass until all things be fulfilled, but I will still stand and fight for the better good. The better good of God’s word in a corrupt world! And no one’s ever given a perfect performance in the flesh but Jesus Christ himself! Presidential candidate
        Dr. Ben Carson said no vote may be a vote for the most evil candidate! Think about that!
        God Bless and humbly pray!

        • Todd said: “I will still stand and fight for the better good.”

          You mean you want to fight. The truth is you are not fighting, you are giving into the lies and helping to spread them. It does not matter how many people show up or what they do. What you are seeing is nothing more than make believe, a fantasy show to deceive you and keep you blind so you will continue to fall inline and obey instead of making a stand against the evil in this world. You are in satan’s camp and you don’t even know it. Just because you are a Christian does not mean you are not blind like everyone else. There are very few who know the truth, and apparently Todd, you are not one of them. It is not too late, you are a Christian so you are on the right track, all you have to do is let a little more truth sink in. Right now you have eyes but you do not see, you have ears but you do not hear, your reading comprehension skills are not to good either. This is satan’s world, he violated and snubbed God, do you really think he wants any input from you, do you really think he is going to take your vote into consideration? Don’t be blind and let satan lead you around, he will lead you right into the pit. Open your eyes and see, God told you what is happening, all you have to do is listen to Him.

          • Judge not lest you be judged! You have no idea the knowledge I have of God’s Word to judge whether I have the eyes to see or the ears to hear based on one topic of discussion. My reading comprehension is just fine! I don’t have to believe every word someone of this site has to say. Instead, only the Word of God and the premonition of the Holy Spirit giving me guidance through the knowledge of His Word which I have learned. I know quite well the timeline of events, thank you! I know who the instead of Christ is and when he comes and who the true Christ is and when he comes at the last Trump, so don’t try to tell me who I am as a Christian! For that in itself is unchristian!

          • YES! God is in *control* of it all, Todd. God takes care of His own…no matter the circumstance or situation we encounter in this *perverse* world, of which Satan is ruler and prince. (2 Corinthians 4:4; John 12:31; John 16:11; John 14:30)

            You’ve truly recognized that…

            PRAISE YE THE LORD!

            James 5:16 “…………….The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

            *****A righteous man is someone who has just REPENTED of their sins, and is FREE from ALL of their sins. That person is COMPLETELY forgiven, and they are perfect in the eyes of GOD. It is at this time that we are to pray for one another, after you have confessed your sins to our Heavenly Father, and prayed for forgiveness for yourself. When you are RIGHT with GOD…then HE will seek to answer your prayers within *HIS* Will.

            Keep holding on to your faith and understanding of our LORD.

            May the PEACE of our LORD be with you…and all those who love and serve the LORD!

            God Bless.

          • Okay Todd, whatever you say. Let’s give it a little time and we will all see how much good your voting did. As God said, you will know them by their fruits. So let’s wait for the fruits or the lack their of.

          • All I want to see is some Justice brought back to this land! God’s plan is in full force and so are we! Amen.

    • Sanchez I agree with Brandon, you didn’t understand what you were reading. You and Connie missed several points. One being your vote does not count. So if your vote does not count why are you voting? You say you want to keep Hillary out, well that is fine. Except your vote does not count, so how are you gong to keep Hillary out, do you have magical powers? It is not that hard to understand. Your vote does not count, vote for my dog spot if you want, it makes no difference what you vote for, your vote does not count. All voting does it tell the kenites how many people they have brainwashed. Why is that? Because your vote does not count, your vote is not used to elect the president. The electoral vote elects the president, you are not the electoral vote, so your vote does not count, your vote is useless. But go ahead and vote, let the kenites know they have you brainwashed and hoodwinked.

      • That may be true as far as the Electoral College goes. However, the popular vote still shows who the majority are in America opposed to the Electoral College. A true democracy! And therefore gives reason for the electoral college to be abolished! And also what is being said here is that in the swing states where the Electoral College counts the most! Even Christians there are probably not voting where it is the most important, so still what’s your point by not voting?
        And I will say again by not voting for the better good you might very well be voting for the most evil candidate!

        • Wow Todd, you still have no idea what you are talking about. It has been stated very clearly several times in this article and by the people posting here. You are having a comprehension problem, you do not comprehend the truth of what is really going on. I know this probably stings, but I am not trying to put you down, I am telling you the truth, trying to open your eyes. The truth is you have no understanding on this matter, all you have is the belief in a bunch of lies.

          Your vote has the same outcome whether you cast it or not, that is because your vote applies to nothing, you vote is not taken into consideration by anyone for anything. You keep talking as if your vote applies to something and has some kind of effect. It does not.

          If 80% of the people vote, then the children of satan know they still have 80% of the people fooled and they still control 80% of the people and they are free to continue on with their plans. That is the only thing your vote does. If 20% of the people vote then the kenites know most of the people are probably awake and that puts the kenites lives in danger so they need to change their strategy. Voting is a tool for the kenites, not for you.

          Do you know what the electoral vote is? I don’t think you do. You think it is selected individuals voting for the people as the majority of the people want them to vote. That is what they want you to believe and that is what you think right? That is not how it works. It is a total of 538 people. Non elected, you don’t even know who they are, you did not select them, they were not selected by you to represent you, they were selected by the kenites to represent the kenites. They are not influenced by the peoples vote at all, zero percent. They do not vote for what you want them to vote for, they vote for what the children of satan tell them to vote for, with total disregard for what the people want.

          Swing state? Todd, there are no swing states, that premise is just another lie to deceive people into believing their vote has an effect on the outcome. These 538 electoral voters are kenites or told what to do by the kenites, they vote for whoever they are told to vote for by the children of satan, there is nothing to swing, they know exactly what they want, there is no swaying, no probability, there is only certain fact, it is all planned well in advance and carried out in such a way as to deceive you and everyone like you. This is not a system of, by or for the people, it is a system exclusively of, by and for the children of satan. If you jump into this then you are in bed with satan, you are helping satan to deceive people by propagating the lie they are in control of the government when the truth is the people are slaves to the government.

          I do not understand why you do not understand you have no effect on the election. It could not be stated more clearly. You have no effect because it is not an election, it is a selection, and you do not get to select anything, you do not have any influence on the selection, all you get is the illusion that you do.

          Todd, you are believing the lies, they are ingrained into you and you just cannot overcome them. It could not be stated more clearly, when it comes to voting for the president you are absolutely of no effect, you and what you want are not taken into consideration at all. what you vote for has zero percent effect on the outcome. All you are doing is helping to deceive others. You are blind Todd. Just like Christ warned His disciples when He was with them, how much time do you think you have to learn this stuff….time is short, very short. Wake up.

          • Uh ha! God is in control! Prayer can have an affect!?

          • Wow “Hank”, there are some harsh and dishonest accusations against a fellow Christian in your post. We’re still free enough to have our own way of dealing with the seemingly impossible situation we are in, and we can still be civil enough to respect each others’ attempts to do the best we can without enduring negativity like that from other Christians. Maybe there are some things you don’t understand yourself, like the complexity of God’s workings and how all things work to the good for those who love Him.

            Focus your negativity on the enemy and you’ll do alright.

  7. Proverbs 16:33 The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the LORD.

  8. You guys are right on principle but wrong on practicality. You may as well put a welcome mat out for more Kagans on the supreme court and other abominations. I understand the emotions but when someone speaks that blatantly directly against God’s law, I would think that God’s people would make sure she would not be our leader.

    The lesser of two evils is the best choice when it’s the only choice you have. We certainly don’t want the greater of two evils. This world we live in we make these choices all the time. For instance, we reluctantly pay our taxes knowing some of the horrible things the money is spent on and the colossal waste and corruption. But it’s better than going to jail because reality is if we get locked up we lose any ability to make changes and we lose our right to vote by the way. I could think of ten examples off the top of my head like this illustrating how compromised we function every day.

    For Thanksgiving this year, I will be sharing the meal with a drug dealer. Needless to say, I’m extremely opposed to this, but if I don’t I will let that person be the only influence on someone I love and I’m not going to willingly allow that. I’m going to be present and participate for the small chance that I can plant a seed or do or say some small thing in service to our Lord. This will be even more painful for me than voting for Trump, but it’s the mature thing to do.

    I don’t blame any of you for not participating. I’m just saying people fought and died for our rights and we should exercise them even if we feel they are diminished. If I’m facing a giant, I’m gonna put a rock in my slingshot, not concede that he’s the victor because he’s more powerful than me. I have a Rock! If for no other reason, make the Kenites do their father’s work, don’t do it for them. Jesus set it up that way.

    If it helps, I was pretty much in agreement with all of you until I heard what Hillary said in support of clear abominations against our Father. It’s not like I didn’t know her positions but she verbalized them so proudly with people all around the world watching. Trump did not do that. I encourage you all to put a Rock in your slingshot and aim between the eyes.

    • I really do not think you understood what you read Connie. I would ask you to read it again and pray before you do to understand.

      You said yourself, people have died for our rights. So if you understand our rights are violated each and everyday what are you doing to help fix that? You cannot hold the argument that people died for our rights and we should vote for the president as if that will fix all wrongs. It simply will not. Our voting system is rigged and that was one of many points in this article. We tell no one what to do on this site. I will not be voting in the presidential election. If you want to vote, then vote. Remember, your vote will be cast along with the vote of dead men, illegal aliens, voting machines who change their votes and all decided essentially by the Electoral College.

      I will not participate in a false system of hope. I will not participate in a false system that seeks justification from the people to exist. If we all stopped this nonsense and demanded truth from our government we would have it. If we asked God to get involved and make Him a part of our lives we would see a change. It all starts with each and everyone of us. No matter what either of us decide it will be our Father who puts the next individual in the White House. Not you or I.

    • Peter did not like what Jesus said was to happen and cut ones ear off. Jesus told him to put his sworn up, I would think more on what Brandon said, and less on how WE feel.

    • Why do people read over the fact that their vote does not count, not for the president, only the electoral vote counts for that. Go ahead and vote for other stuff, your vote may make a difference there, but not for the president because they tally your vote to deceive you then trash can it, your vote is not an electoral vote, so your vote does not count. It is very simple really, you may think it is your civic duty or that you are standing up for something, but the fact is your vote does not count. You vote one, it counts for zero. People please, don’t read over that as if the words were not right in front of you. YOUR VOTE DOES NOT COUNT. I do not understand why a lot of people can’t understand that one simple truth, why is there any disagreement at all on this point, it is a fact the peoples vote for president is not what elects the president, it is not a secret, it is not hard to understand, your vote means not a thing. You might as well cast your vote on tiolet paper before you flush the tiolet.

  9. I agree 100%. I only want Trump to beat the Liberal left goats, so that it might be a more smoother transition into the coming deadly wound! Hillary Clinton is an arrogant psychopath that will make things much more Hitlary! Come on Brandon except a little bit of humor at least Trump is on the political Right Wing side of the boat. ha! ha!?

    • We may have the last elected president we ever have, think about that. With the stroke of a pen on one executive order.

    • With all due respect Todd I consider Trump to be a “liberal left goat” for reasons some of which Brandon outlined quite well here. I understand you may be speaking a little bit in jest, but to me since Trump is an interloper on the “right side of the boat”, saying he’s on the right side of the boat is like saying, “At least that Kenite is behind the pulpit in our nice Christian church!”

      • Yeah! It’s all ugly! Let’s not all get to overly judgemental at labeling people though! We are all here in the flesh for a purpose! And all sinners?. I will never forget what happened to the Apostle Paul. He was not a BIG fan of yahshua’s at first! Before, or shortly after Christ’s resurrection. Paul thought the Torah was being mocked and blasphemed by this new teacher, Yahshuah! To the point Paul was persecuting these new Christian traitors! Only by Yahshuah’s Divine intervention while Paul was on the road to Damascus was he supernaturally changed, unwillfully!!! And obvious Chosen One! Filled with the truth of God’s Word in an instant. Reversed of all confusion which had taken place! And Paul became the spiritually inspired author of the majority of the New Testament!

        Case in point! Let us not underestimate the power of the Lord, or where a person may, or may not be in a possible destination until the appointed, or unappointed time. Free Will? Chosen? We shall see! In the mean time, we should be praying for them first, before condemning??. Just one thing bugs me about Trump! He needs spiritual counsel indeed, but if he were a “K”, or true leftist. why does the lying Liberal left media and press, the Globalists etc. etc., hate him so??
        Also over half the Republican Party! Something seems to have been changing his ways? None the less. YHVH is in control!
        Their is only One Messiah! Come the 7th! God Bless!

        • Todd, you got this right. I knew you were not far. God is in control. The kenites have cut us out of the election process but without their knowledge God has cut them out, the kenites think they are in control, but they are not. It is God’s plan that is coming to pass. The kenites are completely unaware they are a part of God’s plan. I am not going to vote in satan’s rigged election, I’ll let God take care of that. Instead I am going to do something useful and wake up as many people as I can.

  10. Fantastic article!! Home Run!

  11. The most intelligent and informed comments I’ve heard about this election, by far. God Bless the work you’re doing Brandon.

  12. Thank you Brandon.


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