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God Is Constant In An Ever Changing World

God Is Constant In An Ever Changing World

God Is Constant In An Ever Changing World

Hebrews 13:8
8 “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.”

When I read that verse I am reminded how Christ never changes; His mercy never changes, and His Law never changes, (Numbers 23:19, Isaiah 40:8).

Yet, mankind changes, day by day, and generation by generation we change.

As I read the news of our time, and share it with all of you, I am constantly reminded how our moral compass as a people has changed. Sin used to be abhorred just a few generations ago, yet today, it is embraced and paraded.

Today, it is touted as “freedom of choice” and “free thinking”.

You see the more we change, the less we realize we have changed at all.

It is only by grounding ourselves in the Word of God that we can see just how far we have changed, as individuals, as a people and a nation. This can be difficult at times to see for ourselves. We have family and friends who fall away from God and turn to sin and perversion. We love them so dearly, that at times, we make excuses for them, as if we can change our Father’s unchanging Word.

Day by day, the excuses we make for their sin set into our mind, but then we realize they are just a lie.

So we search the Scriptures to try and understand how they could have gone so wrong, and how we can bring them back to God. After all, it was only yesterday they were reading the Bible with us and praising God, and today, they have changed and blown with the wind.

Unable to find our answers we reach out to our pastors and preachers, we ask them why our family members have embraced the murder of the unborn, drugs, crime and homosexuality. We reach out to our pastors to help us understand the error of their ways, only to find out our pastors have changed.

They, like we, made excuses for the murder of the unborn, drugs, crime and homosexuality. We are told that if we do not believe a sin was committed, then a sin was not committed. They tell us, it was God who sent the temptation into our life to begin with, so we are not to blame at all.

Confused by such words from a man of God, unmoved or convinced, we reach out to the only constant that will ever exist, (Malachi 3:6).

So we do the only thing we really know how to do, we get down on our hands and knees and Heavenly Father we beg you. Bring back our loved ones into your loving arms, and give us the strength to carry on.

Heavenly Father we ask just one more thing…

That you open our mind to your Word, and keep us, unlike them, from changing too.


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  1. How true Brandon. I’ve tried to reach to my sister, but to no avail.
    Warm regard

    • Hey Rodrigo, you just keep setting that Christian example. You never know what goes through ones mind. Plant those seeds when it is appropriate as we have been instructed, God can make them grow.

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