WEB Notes: They pull this when California and the rest of the nation is trying to enjoy some time off work and celebrate what little is left of our “Independence“. More gun laws, more destruction of our rights. These laws will take effect next year (January 2017).

The California Governor signed six gun bills into law, abominations always seem to come in sixes. Next year, those who wish to purchase ammunition in California will have to under go a background check to do so. I am sure there will be an additional cost associated and this means another waiting game just to purchase ammunition. Arguably even worse and quoted from this article,

“A separate bill banned semiautomatic weapons with “bullet buttons,” which make it easy to quickly remove a magazine and replace it with another.”

In California, AR-15s as an example are legal as long as they have a “bullet button which was a creation due to a previous law that stated there must be a “fixed magazine“. A “bullet button” requires a small tool or bullet tip in order to release the magazine. Now they are outlawing these as well which means they will go back to a fixed magazine which means the rifle is basically worthless. This is absolutely ridiculous, no criminal is going to follow this law.

We are like a frog in the boiling pot, incrementally the temperature goes up which are our rights being removed and no one says a word.

Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday signed legislation that would impose new restrictions on assault weapons and regulate the sale of ammunition in California, cementing the state’s reputation for enacting some of the most stringent gun regulations in the country.

Propelled by the reaction to mass shootings in San Bernardino, in Southern California, and Orlando, Fla., the gun regulations are the latest example of how this state, where the Legislature is under Democratic control, has been able to enact a legislative agenda on issues that have deadlocked Congress.

Source: California Governor Signs Legislation Limiting Assault Weapons – The New York Times


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