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Date: March 31, 2017

Stepping Out For Passover

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Bible Verse of the Day: Isaiah 53:5-6

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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The Timeline of the Tribulation: Chapter 4 – The Deadly Wound

The Timeline of the Tribulation Chapter 4 - The Deadly Wound

The Timeline of the Tribulation Chapter 4 – The Deadly Wound

By: Brandon T. Ward

At this point in our study it should be clear that Jerusalem itself is not a horn of power, Israel controls nothing. The children of Satan on the other hand do control Jerusalem along with the rest of the world for the most part. They control the world today, but not absolute as nation states still exist which offer a thin barrier against their globalist agenda. After the events we covered in Chapter 3 the children of Satan will essentially have a more consolidated control of the world, but it will not last. It will be at this time that we witness a Deadly Wound take hold on their new global structure which is the fulfillment of the sixth head, the sixth kingdom which consists of the Ten Horns, the Ten Clay Kings.

Further, the next prophecy to be fulfilled is not a Deadly Wound. First, we must see Isaiah 17:1 transpire which is the destruction of Damascus that is well underway. We also need to see the conflict between the Ram and the Goat in Daniel 8 that we covered in Chapter 2 of this study and finally the four beasts and Ten Clay Kings we just discussed in Chapter 3. Until those events transpire, we will not see a Deadly Wound occur.

God’s Word does not provide us with a lot of information concerning the Deadly Wound. However, He was gracious enough to provide us with some scriptures that document several events that literally occur moments to months before Satan arrives to heal this Deadly Wound which marks the beginning of the Tribulation.

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