WEB Notes: You will need to watch the short video to truly grasp the indoctrination taking place. The app quizzes you about vaccines among other things and if you do a good job… You will earn shopping points. This is nothing short of indoctrination and many places of employment have yearly “training” tests where vaccines and LGBT issues arise. Of course in recent years we have seen the passing score change from 80% to 100%. Meaning you must answer everything their way or you fail the test.

This article goes on to explain the Ontario government provided a $1.5 million boost while the federal government pledged $5 million for “reward” points.

A free app that’s all carrot, no stick — offering users loyalty points for completing quizzes and surveys about healthy living — has gotten a $1.5 million boost from the Ontario government.

The Toronto-based company behind it said “we are a nation so addicted to our phones and also incredibly addicted to our loyalty points … so why not create something much more targeted, much more efficient” and more fun than a government advertising campaign, said Andreas Souvaliotis, the CEO of Carrot Insights, in a telephone interview.

Governments typically blast out ads on television or online, “which is a bit of a blunt instrument … there’s no real ability to target populations,” he added.

Source: Carrot Rewards app gets $1.5 million boost from Ontario government | Toronto Star


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