WEB Notes: These people do not need to be encouraged or supported when it comes to destroying their identity. Men are born with different plumbing than woman. It is just the way it is, God seemed to think it was a good idea, so let’s leave that alone. My tax dollars certainly should not go to supporting some confused soul. I would love to help that soul, but not to continue to confuse his/her mind.

The generally accepted treatment program for gender dysphoria begins with administering cross-sex hormones to feminize or masculinize appearance and to improve mental health. The trouble is, no scientifically strenuous studies have been done to assure the effectiveness and safety of this practice, and people with gender issues are being harmed.

One of these people is Jamie Shupe, retired Sergeant First Class from the U.S. Army. His story of emotional and physical trauma from cross-sex hormone treatment illustrates the sometimes unforeseen consequences of the still-experimental cross-sex hormone therapy prescribed for gender dysphoria.

In his words: “I am a transgender person that has suffered my entire life from gender dysphoria. In early 2013, I regretfully allowed the medical establishment to not only convince me that I am a female, but also to lead me to believe that I could successfully gain female appearance characteristics by taking high doses of female hormones. My four years of treatments and their side effects were paid for by the military health care system.”

Source: Trump, Don’t Turn The Military Into A Federally Funded Sex Change Clinic


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