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Christian Woman in Pakistan Dies After Being Set on Fire for Refusing to Convert to Islam, Marry Muslim

WEB Notes: First, we should say a prayer for the family and ask our Father to comfort this woman who is now back with our Heavenly Father (2 Corinthians 5:8). Then I would like us all to reflect on this a little. This right here is persecution. This is real persecution. This woman’s faith meant her death and God’s Word told us this would happen. The take home for you is to hold onto every bit of Christianity that you can. Do not give an inch to the enemy. In California, the enemy is working over time. Ensure you spread the word and do your part. Every inch we get, we move closer and closer to a future as this article describes.

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12 Year-Old Palestinian Shot By Israel Army Sniper Loses Leg

WEB Notes: Do you realize the people of Gaza have been under a blockade by Israel for a dozen years now? This has led to the tiny portion of land being blocked from receiving goods and services unless Israel deems it okay. Remember God’s Promise to Abraham? It was to become many nations and to be a blessing to the world. Does Israel fulfill that prophecy?

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New Form Of DNA Discovered Inside Living Human Cells The Independent

WEB Notes: The more we discover, the more we realize how little we truly know.

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Iran, China Seek to Loosen Dollar’s Grip On Global Markets

WEB Notes: While globalism has pushed the world closer together, it is still divided by the nation-state itself. This is one reason why there can be no true one world order, until the nations completely come together, until the sixth kingdom comes to a full.

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Iran Tells Israel, ‘Our Fingers Are on the Trigger, Missiles Are Ready to Launch’ As Syria Tensions Mount

WEB Notes: I wonder exactly what the world expected to hear from Iran? Afterall, Israel just attacked Syria including a military base where Iranian troops perished in the assault. Israel is already taking precautions though it is highly unlikely that Iran will launch any assault against Israel. If they do, it will provide a green light to the US to counter any Iranian attack. This brings us to “The Ram And The He Goat,” Chapter 2 of The Timeline of the Tribulation.

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Finland Will End Its Basic Income Experiment In 2019

Finland’s universal basic income experiment will end next year, and lawmakers there are quietly moving toward a different welfare approach.

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Bible Question And Answer For 4-20-2018

Bible Question and Answer

Bible Question And Answer

Bible Q&A Summary:

  1. How Can Flesh Be Saved If We Are Taken Up?

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Russia: Not Sure If Syria Will Remain One Country

WEB Notes: Surprise, surprise. Russia is already talking about dividing up the nation. That remains to be seen, but the idea is that Assad must go.

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Syrian Christians To West: Stay Out Of Our Country

In 2008, I had the chance to go to Syria. I even went as far as the Golan Heights and looked down into the then-peaceful country, but as I was already scheduled to travel to several other places in the Middle East, I thought I’d delay a trip to Syria until a later date.

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Five Things To Consider Before Ordering An Online DNA Test

Source: The Conversation – You might be intrigued by what your genes could tell you about your ancestry or the health risks hidden in your DNA. If so, you’re not alone.

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Bill Gates Backs Plan To Surveil The Entire Planet From Space

EarthNow is a new company looking to provide satellite imagery and live video in virtually real-time. Its unsettling pitch describes a network of satellites that can see any corner of the globe and provide live video with a latency of about a second. And a look at the startup’s top investors gives a lot of confidence that this thing is happening.

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Washington State Fusion Center Accidentally Releases Records On Remote Mind Control

WEB Notes: This story was cited by a couple other news outlets. However, it does not appear the information and the images you will see on the site linked below are official government material. Which begs the question… Then why do they have it?

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