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Date: March 2, 2018

Bible Question And Answer For 3-2-2018

Bible Question and Answer

Bible Question And Answer

Bible Q&A Summary:

  1. Is Cryptocurrency A Part Of The Beast System?
  2. Why Are Christians Upset With The Condition Of The World?
  3. Christians Who Did Not Know Truth, What Side Of The Gulf In Heaven Are They On?

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Trade War: Trump To Impose 25% Tariff On Steel, 10% On Aluminum To Foreign Nations

WEB Notes: Now where did this policy come from, no one seems to know. The problem here is there is no direction from this administration. They are all over the place. The stock market dropped 420 points on the news. We certainly have a huge trade deficent, because forign nations have cheaper labor and can create trash, I mean products at a lower cost than we can. That is only a part of the issue. How about we get rid of the H-1B visa program? How about we bring jobs back to the US. Remember folks, we have 95 million working age Americans not in the labor force, maybe tariffs will help with some of that. This seems extreme and out of the blue however.

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Trump Openly Admits He’s Thinking About Executing Drug Dealers To Tackle Opioid Crisis

WEB Notes: Trump reminds me of the average Joe who has all of the world’s problems figured out. Come on guys, we all know this kind of talk right? The guy whose radical ideas sound good, but are not practical…

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Schools Are Safer Than They Were In The 1990S

The deadly school shooting this month in Parkland, Florida, has ignited national outrage and calls for action on gun reform. But while certain policies may help decrease gun violence in general, it’s unlikely that any of them will prevent mass school shootings, according to James Alan Fox, the Lipman Family Professor of Criminology, Law, and Public Policy at Northeastern.

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Young Adults Spend More Than Six Hours Per Day Feeling ‘Stressed Out’, Finds Mental Health Study

WEB Notes: Apparently all of those gadgets we have are just not doing their job. In the end, you cannot replace a person. You cannot replace a family member or friend with some computer gadget, it just will not work. Learn to put down those gadgets and enjoy time with people that really matters and has lasting memories…

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The Disturbing Acceptance Of Google’s New ‘Smart’ Camera

WEB Notes: “The camera uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to try and guess when to best take a shot”. Who in their right mind would have a camera in their home watching their every move? Is that really appealing to people? It certainly is appealing to those who want machines to learn more about human behavior…

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‘Unprecedented’ Native American Burial Site Discovered Off Florida’s Gulf Coast

WEB Notes: This would have occurred just before God created Adam and roughly a thousand years after the sixth-day creation of men in general…

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Iran Bans Use Of US Dollar In Trade

WEB Notes: The US will not be happy about this, add another nail to Iran’s coffin. The globalists will not care much as they already control most of the currencies in the world, so it will come back around to them probably in the form of the Euro.

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Putin Boasts Military Might With Animation Of Nuke Strike On Florida

WEB Notes: “Mad people” run the world people and it is a literal circus. Now remember, ol North Korea supposedly made up their own corny video of an attack on the US and it gained public recognition and threats of war. What will this video bring forward? Probably nothing. Further, Putin has already said he would never attack NATO, which means the US as they are the primary supporter of NATO. This is propaganda, are you scared yet? That is what they are looking for.

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US State Dept Approves Sale Of $47Mn Worth Of Anti-Tank Missiles To Ukraine

The US Department of State has signed off on the sale of Javelin anti-tank missiles to the government of Ukraine, the Pentagon has confirmed. The deal is valued at $47 million and needs congressional approval next.

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MIA Adopts Facial Recognition Technology At Renovated Concourse

WEB Notes: What a timely article considering today’s Bible Q&A.

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