YouTube has now banned this video

While speaking before a freedom rally, Dr. Barke explains he represents thousands of doctors around the nation. He said, ‘their voices are being silenced as they do not agree with the experts and mainstream media who are telling us what we must do’.

He goes on to use common sense to explain,

Never before in the history of our Republic have we quarantined the healthy.

That is something we continually look past. We are quarantining the healthy, that is the opposite of what you do in a pandemic.

Barke continues,

Never before in the history of this great Republic have we told church goers it is illegal for you to exercise your first amendment right of freedom of religion. Yet, at the same time, it is essential to keep pot dispensaries open.

Think about that, think about the priorities and precedents being set right now. Then ask yourself why…

The good doc also points out.

Never before in the history of this country have we been told you can’t go to church because it is non-essential, but you can go get an abortion.

Everything this man said is true. Dr. Barke is a real doctor, you can verify that here. Here is his Instagram account, and here is a news report on him speaking.

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