The Majority Is Really The Minority

So the whole fam jumped in the truck yesterday, on comes Christian radio, and there is a guy talking about “the majority”, “the minority”, and I hear the phrase, “cancel culture”. We heard about 10 seconds before the wife turned on the tunes.

However, those few phrases got my mind working as we cruised down the road.

Each and every day, we are told by the mainstream media, government, and even our education systems what to believe.

We are told;

  • American history should be erased
  • Parents are domestic terrorists
  • White is bad
  • LGBTQ is good
  • Socialism is good

You can pretty much insert anything along these lines in here if you like.

It’s like a new awakening or something, or so it seems. While we hear these voices from the media, government, and our education systems. While it seems like they are the majority, nothing could be further from the truth.

These new ideals we keep hearing about, these ideals that are being pressed upon us are contrary to our values as people. Especially, American people.

Yet, it's hard for us individually to really grasp that. Since all we hear from what appears to be the majority is the above bullet point items. So it begins to challenge our own views. Maybe not you and I specifically, but for society, it begins a psychological game on our minds.

However, lots and lots of videos have been captured and shared that help us understand, the majority is actually the minority.

What am I talking about?

The stadium, and sporting event videos.

You know, were the fans attending such events chant a now famous slogan, “F*** Joe Biden”.

Woah nelly!

Hold onto your Christian hat!

Now think about this.

You have tens of thousands of people attending college football games, basketball games, Nascar, and UFC events all chanting F*** Joe Biden.

We are talking about tens of thousands of random people gathering at these events all over the country. It’s not only Christians or Republicans or Conservatives. It’s tens of thousands of Americans who are coming together in agreement that our government sucks big time.

There is no coordinator, it's just random. Someone starts the chant, and apparently, it's pretty much unanimous. Biden sucks is the point. That also means, so do Biden’s socialist anti-American, pro-LGBT, pro-abortion ideals, and everything his movement stands for.

It means, Biden's lefty ideals are actually the minority.

The Americans who are chanting F*** Joe Biden, are using the only platform available to them these days to get their point of view across.

Real life.

You know, that portion of life that does not involve a screen that is controlled by someone else. Thankfully, these videos have not all been banned and we have been able to watch them and see, that the perceived majority is not really the majority.

In fact, the true majority are the Americans who are chanting F*** Joe Biden.

Though, if we turn on the TV or social media. It appears the other way around. That our Christian American ideals are the minority, but that is clearly not the case.

I am not basing this solely on these stadium and sporting event videos. I am also basing this on my own experiences. I have yet to meet a pro-Biden person. In fact, in our travels, I only spotted a Biden flag or two, and that was only in deep blue territory.

So what’s my point?

We are being manipulated through the screen.

We are being manipulated by mainstream media, social media, government, and education to conform to this new agenda placed before us. An agenda that tells us to respect others, while disrespecting Christianity, while taking away our rights, while murdering the unborn, and embracing sin, (Isaiah 5:20).

That’s devilish talk.

The devil always sweet talks his victims into bed.

Don’t fall for it.

If you think this manipulation is bad, hang onto your hat some more. Our reality will only continue to be distorted to fit the view and narrative the globalists are painting before us. Reality will continue to be distorted to make you think, your beliefs are backward.

We all play into this when we use the platforms that are designed to control our thoughts and beliefs. You know I am talking about social media and big tech platforms.

I am talking about the mainstream media, and so on. It’s one thing to check out the news, it’s quite another to be consumed by it, I don’t care what your news sources (websites) are.

The more we allow these systems of manipulation into our life, the higher our chances of being manipulated are (alternative news/media included). It's a tough go, but this manipulation will only continue.

Heck, in another five years, you probably will not be able to decipher the truth from a lie, if you can today.

That’s when you close it all out, and you go back to real life, and read a real book called...

The Bible.

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