On September 19th 2019, President Donald Trump signed an “Executive Order on Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National Security and Public Health”.

Mind you, this was before the current global Coronavirus pandemic.

Government Must Become Involved In The Vaccine Process

The Executive Order states the vaccine production process is “insufficient to meet the response needs in the event of a pandemic“. Therefore “the Government must take action to promote faster and more scalable manufacturing platforms” for vaccines.

The Executive Order goes on to state,

Periodically, new influenza A viruses emerge from animals, including birds and pigs, that can spread efficiently and have sustained transmission among humans.  This situation is called an influenza pandemic (pandemic).  Unlike seasonal influenza, a pandemic has the potential to spread rapidly around the globe, infect higher numbers of people, and cause high rates of illness and death in populations that lack prior immunity.

As we can see, the government builds the case for governmental intervention. To make it all sound even more convincing, we have this famous line presented to us.

Vaccination is the most effective defense against influenza.

That is not true, the most effective defense is a healthy immune system. We maintain that through healthy eating and exercise.

National Influenza Vaccine Task Force

This Executive Order issued by President Donald Trump on September 19th 2019 went on to establish a “National Influenza Vaccine Task Force”.

The Task Force shall identify actions to achieve the objectives identified in section 2 of this order and monitor and report on the implementation and results of those actions.  The Task Force shall be co-chaired by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Health and Human Services, or their designees.

It gets even better.

In addition to the Co-Chairs, the Task Force shall consist of a senior official from the following executive branch departments, agencies, and offices:

(i)     the Department of Defense (DOD);

(ii)    the Department of Justice;

(iii)   the Department of Agriculture;

(iv)    the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA);

(v)     the Department of Homeland Security;

(vi)    the United States Food and Drug Administration;

(vii)   the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention;

(viii)  the National Institutes of Health (NIH);

(ix)    the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS); and

(x)     the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA).

The Department of Defense should really stand out to you.

Department Of Defense Issues Vaccine Contract

On May 13th, 2020, the Department of Defense awarded a $138 million dollar contract for 500 million pre-filled syringes for a future COVID-19 vaccine.

At the time, it did not make sense why the Department of Defense was involved. Now we know why, this all came about due to the September 19th 2019 Executive Order President Trump signed.

Military Will Distribute COVID Vaccine

Just a day later, on May 14th, 2020 President Donald Trump publicly stated,

“We’re mobilizing our military and other forces but we’re mobilizing our military on the basis that we do have a vaccine. You know, it’s a massive job to give this vaccine. Our military is now being mobilized so at the end of the year we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly.”

Trump: ‘We’re Mobilizing Our Military To Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine’

The Agenda Comes Together

The pieces all fall perfectly into place.

On September 19th, 2019, months before China reported its first case of Coronavirus, President Trump signed an Executive Order dealing exclusively with vaccination in the event of a global pandemic.

The purpose was to create a “National Influenza Vaccine Task Force” that would not only rush a future vaccine, but interjected the Federal Government into the vaccination process.

We have witnessed this over the last few months. In fact, the COVID-19 vaccine will be completed in record timing and Trump just said it could even be ready by October.

This Executive Order brought the Department of Defense into the vaccine production and development process. Even down to the military distributing a future vaccine.

As we can clearly conclude, this crisis was planned out from the very beginning. Even down to President Trump placing Dr. Fauci in front of us for months to scare us over COVID. The same Dr. Fauci who stated in 2017 that Trump would be faced with a future pandemic challenge.

One Trump was well aware of beforehand.

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
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