Readers, let’s talk about this. I found this article over at CNBC. There is something incorrect about this headline, what is it?

Yes, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has fallen by a record 32.9%, that much is true. Real quick, GDP means all the economic output of a country. All the economic output from the oil business, telephone business, your business, and so on.

Now, what is wrong with this headline?

Think about it.

The last four words are incorrect. This was not a virus-induced shutdown. It was a government-induced shutdown. In fact, it was shut down by a reality TV star slash businessman. A businessman who knows that if you shut down a country, its economy will fail.

Yet, I have not heard a single person point this out. When it has been pointed out, you know the response I have received?

“He had to, he had to shut it down”.

In case you are in the dark here, I am talking about your President.

No, he did not have to shut down the economy. We knew even back then COVID was hype and so did your President, he even tweeted about it days before declaring a national crisis. That right there, that led to the moment we are now in.

Due to that, not the virus we have a record loss of GDP. Due to government, your Republican President another 1.4 million Americans have lost their jobs this week. Due to your Republican government the U.S. Treasury has offered to bail out the postal service at a cost of $10 billion. Due to government, not a virus renters now owe $21.5 billion in back rent as they lost their jobs and cannot pay.

Why due they owe it?

Our Republican and Democrat government agreed to lock our nation down. They placed idiot doctors on TV before us who scared us into agreeing to close our businesses.

We played the fool, we trusted those in suites.

When will we ever trust in ourselves and our Heavenly Father?


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