Our federal government continues to push the idea of the military becoming involved in day to day affairs. That is illegal. They are involved medically, and Trump previously stated the military would distribute any COVID-19 vaccine.

Further, the DoD awarded a contract for 500 million pre-filled vaccine syringes. So we really see the military taking charge of the COVID vaccination program. I find that very disturbing. I do not care if you are a Democrat or Republican, you should be asking questions right now.

Why is the military involved?

This all seems like soft martial law and cozying us up to the idea of seeing the military in the streets and a part of our daily life.

It is not normal for the Pentagon to be in charge of distributing vaccines, that role has been designated to the CDC.

Ask questions, remember, vaccination is not necessary if it ever was. COVID has a mortality rate of 0.1%. Neither are face masks necessary. We have grand theater being displayed before us, do not fall for the lies. This is all about control.


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