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Corrupt Seeds Bring Forward Rotten Fruit

These days when you pull up the news, you are just about guaranteed to get heartburn. I have come to expect, the news today will be worse than yesterday. Actually, the news headlines yesterday set


God Appoints The Leaders We Deserve

Our nations are continually led by corrupt leaders, if only someone else was in office we think. Yet, without turning to God, nothing will change for the better.


Luke 21: Jerusalem Surrounded By Armies

Jesus warned us, when armies compass Jerusalem, those in Judea should flee. We typically envision armies of men, but is that what Jesus was referring to?


The Delusion Of The Last Days

Massive delusion has swept our world. This has led to a separation of people evident among every aspect of society. What has caused this delusional shift?


The Tower Of Babel In The Modern Era

As mankind moves further down the pathway of time, we find mankind repeating mistakes from the past. Many of us are familiar with the Tower of Babel. It was an early point in human history

Last Days

The Love Of Many Shall Wax Cold

Jesus told us, in the Last Days wickedness would abound turning the hearts of many cold and bitter. If we are not careful, this can happen to us as well.

Last Days

Birth Pains And America's Transformation

The transformation of America continues. We did not get here overnight, we did not get here due to Democrat or Republican politics alone. We arrived at this moment in history by letting God slip through

Last Days

Learn A Parable Of The Fig Tree

We explain the parable of the fig tree Jesus told us to learn, and we discover which “generation” will not pass until the signs of Matthew 24 are fulfilled.

Last Days

How Close Are We To The Deadly Wound?

Discover what must happen before the Deadly Wound takes place. We also discuss the Deadly Wound that will be inflicted on the sixth kingdom.


The Watchmen Of The Last Days

It is true, it is not necessary or probably that one can understand every single minute detail of world events. However, when we combine all of these events together we see they all push toward

The Bible Teachers Of The Last Days
Last Days

The Bible Teachers Of The Last Days

The increase in false teaching is becoming so great I can hardly stand it. Within the last three days alone we have posted articles concerning some of these false teachings. One of them was an

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