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Bible Question, Answer and Discussion for 7-31-2015

Bible Question and AnswerWelcome to our bi-weekly post where we provide Bible verses, answers and advice to the questions and concerns you have. During the course of the last two weeks readers have submitted their questions and today we are going to answer some of them. So please join us and feel free to chime in on the discussion in the comments section below this post.
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The Biggest Failure in America is the Establishment Christian Church

By: Steve Barwick

Here’s one of the best articles I’ve read in a long time about the failure of the modern church to be the bulwark between ungodly wickedness and Biblical righteousness, and the true reason for this failure, which I’ve harped on over and over again (i.e., love of both mammon and personal prestige over love of God and His Word).

Inevitably, I’ll get comments back on an article like this, saying something to the effect of, “All of the wickedness described in this article must come to pass before Christ can return.  It’s inevitable.  So let it come to pass.  There’s nothing we can do about it.  That way, we can get this over with quicker and be home with our heavenly Father.  It does no good to take a stand against it, because you’re just fighting against the unpreventable and delaying Christ’s second advent.

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CISA: the dirty deal between Google and the NSA that no one is talking about

WEB Notes: If there are deals and bills being passed you can bet it will not benifit you. 

CISA is an out and out surveillance bill masquerading as a cybersecurity bill.

Source: CISA: the dirty deal between Google and the NSA that no one is talking about

Planned Parenthood VP Says Fetuses May Come Out Intact, Agrees Payments Specific to the Specimen

WEB Notes: Pay no attention to murdering babies and selling their parts, just focus on that dead lion.

Source: Planned Parenthood VP Says Fetuses May Come Out Intact, Agrees Payments Specific to the Specimen

The Medicare and Social Security Trustees Report Is Out: Things Aren’t Looking Up

WEB Notes: This is called theft. Forcibly taking from you and promising you a return which is ultimately a lie.

Source: National Review | While engaging in the mundane task of gathering financial statements for a “secure retirement” meeting with my husband’s and my adviser, this Baby Boomer stumbled upon documented proof that our nation does not have the guts to confront one of its most serious economic problems. The realization came when I pulled from my files a document statement innocently titled, “Your Social Security Statement.”

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Reminder: Bible Question, Answer and Discussion

blue-2Bsky-2Band-2BcrossWEB Notes: While Bible Q&A will be published on Friday, there will be no other site updates this Friday through Sunday. Thank You.

Dear Readers,

We would like to remind you there is still time to submit your questions for our bi-weekly post, “Bible: Question, Answer and Discussion” which will be published next Friday July 31st. You can do that by clicking the “Q&A” tab at the top of our site.

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Two Moms, One Dad, Two Babies Make One Big Happy Polyamorous Family

WEB Notes: This is one of the next steps “naturally”.

Source: ABC News |  Dani and Melinda’s home is a little more crowded these days, filled with the two of them, their husband Jon and their two babies, Ella and Oliver.

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Major U.S. companies go nuts for ‘gay’ rights

The “Wall Street wing” of the Republican Party is working with Democrats and LGBT rights activists to pass sweeping legislation that would make it a federal crime to discriminate against homosexuals and transgenders in housing, education and the job market.WND reported in earlier this month […]

Source: Major U.S. companies go nuts for ‘gay’ rights

ISIS “Ally” Turkey Seeks NATO Support As Two-Front “War” Escalates

WEB Notes: Let us not forget the US and other Western nations have also funneled money to the rebels in the middle east.

Source: BlackListedNews | Complicating the issue further are long standing accusations that Turkey actively cooperates with ISIS. “ISIS commanders told us to fear nothing at all because there was full cooperation with the Turks,” one former ISIS commander said late last year, in an interview with Newsweek, which also noted that “Turkey had blocked Kurdish fighters from crossing the border into Syria to aid their Syrian counterparts in defending the border town of Kobani.”

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U.S. Shoots Down Idea of Syria Safe Zone

WEB Notes: So just two days ago the US and Turkey were going to carve out a “safe zone” in Syria. Now the US is saying, no no we are not going to do that. The disinformation and lies of our time are insane. Whether or not land is being carved us really is aside from the point the US is still bombing Syria and funding “rebels” including ISIS. How are they going to back out of that one?

Source: Bloomberg  | Days after the U.S. and Turkey announced a breakthrough deal to fight together against the Islamic State, U.S. officials are insisting that — contrary to reports — there are definitely no U.S. plans for a “safe zone” inside Syria. In fact, there really is no “zone,” and there is no plan to keep the area “safe.”

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We Cry Over the Death of Cecil the Lion, But Shrug Off Planned Parenthood?

We Cry Over the Death of Cecil the Lion, But Shrug Off Planned Parenthood?

Source: We Cry Over the Death of Cecil the Lion, But Shrug Off Planned Parenthood? – The Rush Limbaugh Show

The Worst Expansion Since World War II Was Even Weaker

Source: WSJ  |The economic expansion—already the worst on record since World War II—is weaker than previously thought, according to newly revised data.

From 2012 through 2014, the economy grew at an all-too-familiar rate of 2% annually, according to three years of revised figures the Commerce Department released Thursday. That’s a 0.3 percentage point downgrade from prior estimates.

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Feds: 664,607 illegals granted amnesty, some linked to terrorism, gangs & More

Feds: 664,607 illegals granted amnesty, some linked to terrorism, gangs

Source: Washington Examiner | The administration’s program to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program has given the green light to 664,607 since 2012, including several linked to fraud, terrorism and gangs, according to the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services agency.

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U.S.-Turkey deal aims to create de facto ‘safe zone’ in northwest Syria

WEB Notes: Remember a year or two back and all that talk from China and Russia about the West invading Syria and it would cause WWIII. Remember how many people jumped on that band wagon? It was all pure hype, surprise, surprise. The children of Satan already own China and Russia, so having them fight against the US did not seem to make much sense. The US has been bombing Syria for months and now they are setting up shop inside of Syria. This is far past an invasion and now reached the level of occupation by the US and Turkey. Not to mention their proxy army ISIS continues to fight Assad. Ensure you visit the source of this article for the map of controlling powers in Syria. Assad is just about finished.

Source: WP | Turkey and the United States have agreed on the outlines of a de facto “safe zone” along the Turkey-Syria border under the terms of a deal that is expected to significantly increase the scope and pace of the U.S.-led air war against the Islamic State in northern Syria, according to U.S. and Turkish officials.

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IDF calling up hundreds of thousands for emergency-readiness war drills

Source: RT |  Large-scale military drills have been launched in Israel with the aim of testing the IDF’s readiness to go into emergency mode. Hundreds of thousands of reserve soldiers are involved in testing the system.

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‘Science Supports Genesis’: Geneticist Says Evidence Confirms Biblical Adam and Eve

WEB Notes: This article from the original source has been shared a lot and I actually find this a bit sad. Sad because so many Christians have such little understanding and common sense about their Father’s Word. Mankind as a whole did not come from two individuals. Instead each race had their own beginning and we can read of those in God’s Word with respect to the sixth day creation in Genesis. We had a Q&A on this in the past. We do not need to force God’s Word together, just let it flow, pray and use common sense.

Source: Christian News | A respected molecular geneticist explores the historicity of Adam and Eve in a newly-released documentary, explaining that modern findings in the field of genetics confirm the Bible’s teachings that all humans descended from an original couple created by God.

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Sweden’s 3rd largest city hit by multiple blasts, police plead for help to tackle violence spike

Source: RT |  Four grenade attacks this week have rocked Malmo, the third largest city in Sweden, prompting police to sound an alarm over the increasing violence. Multiple explosions, shootings and arson struck the city, which has a large migrant population.

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Cruz missiles: McConnell lied and Obama, Clinton, Kerry set to be ‘leading global financiers of terrorism’

WEB Notes: Has this guy been living under a rock? What does he think the billions of dollars flowing into the arms of “rebels” in the middle east is doing? What is making war with a proxy army against a sovereign nation called?

Source: World Tribune | In an interview with the Washington Examiner Thursday, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said that if the Iran nuclear deal goes through, over $100 billion could flow to radical jihadists as a result of sanctions relief. “If this deal goes through, . . . President Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, will become the leading global financiers of radical Islamic terrorism,” said Cruz.

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