WEB Notes: We have been saying for years mainstream Christianity has fallen away from our Father’s Word and to be honest it fell away along time before we starting shouting about it. Look at these pathetic men and woman who claim to be teachers of the Word. I imagine we will start to see more denominations do this, officially fold on the Bible so they can keep their tax free money (501c3). If you think we sound blunt wait until you see the actions from our Father.

(Source: Christian News) – A panel within the leadership of the United Methodist Church has voted to submit a proposal to change the denomination’s law book to remove prohibitions against homosexual behavior and to allow clergy to officiate same-sex ceremonies.

The Connectional Table voted 26-10 on Monday to present the amended language during the 2016 General Conference, which would then place the matter up for another vote for official approval.

The adjustments would allow those who are open and practicing homosexuals to serve as clergy, and would remove any mention of homosexual behavior as being a violation of biblical laws or being “incompatible with Christian teachings.” Language would also be removed that prohibited clergy from officiating over same-sex ceremonies. – Read More – Christian News

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