Most of us carry a tracking device around with us every day in the form of the mobile phones, but some people are going further and having microchips embedded in their bodies.

Now the US Navy has grown so concerned over the practice that is drawing up an official policy to help it deal with personnel who have chips implanted.

Officials consulted with American presidential candidate and ‘transhumanist’ Zoltan Istvan to discuss the implications of fitting humans with microchips to enhance their powers.

He told MailOnline: ‘The Navy is struggling to create policy around solider or sailors that enter military service with non-authorised chips embedded in them.

‘This makes perfect sense since the tech has grown so small, that chip implants can now do a wide range of things – tracking, making payments, monitoring blood flow and bodily health – and be totally hidden in human beings.

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Source: US Navy officials consult presidential candidates over ‘microchipping humans’ | Daily Mail Online


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