WEB Notes: Now that is “discrimination” against his muslim and other heathen believing students. I mean had the guy been reading a koran that would have been perfectly acceptable, it would have been a “tolerant” thing to do, but to read the Bible that is near a “sin” these days. I tell you what. If my children were enrolled in this school I can guarantee you I would have a meeting with the leadership to check the story and if true I would pull out my kids. We, being the Christian people do not support this anti-Christian behavior. Christians do not “tolerate” their God being pushed aside. We stand for Him, we do not cower before men. We stand for what we believe in and we voice it so all can hear. We do not shrug our shoulders at this type of news. We take action.

A French primary school teacher has been temporarily suspended after reportedly reading passages from the Bible to his students. The suspension has sparked a debate on whether he violated the principles of secularism. The incident took place in Indre department in central France, according to France Bleu, which initially reported the story.

The 40-year-old teacher, whose name has not yet been revealed, was reportedly working in a school that covered four small communes – Badecon-le-Pin, Chavin, Malicornay, and Le Menoux.

Source: French teacher suspended, probed after allegedly reading Bible to students — RT News


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