WEB Notes: Ahh yes. One store is selling a little more prepper products and it reverberates across the entire internet as some huge trend, maybe it is, maybe it is not. We need more data to figure that one out. One thing is certain their sales will go up now due to the free promotion. What caused the sudden increase in preparedness? It was Trump’s words about the military being locked and loaded to take down North Korea. Of course today we found out the military is not quite so locked or loaded.

As the rhetoric ramps up over North Korea and nuclear weapons, the cash registers have been ringing at a local Army Supply store, where some are apparently prepping for a third World War.

Ben Orr, the manager of Joe’s Army Navy in Royal Oak, says he’s been selling a lot of “prepper items” over the past week or so.

“We’ve been very busy. Unusually busy, I’d say,” Orr told WWJ’s Sandra McNeill. “It’s definitely an increase, just in selling all the normal prepper stuff, end of the world stuff. A lot of water prep stuff, food, MREs — the military meals.”

Source: Products Flying Off Shelves At Army Supply Store As Shoppers Prep For ‘World War III’ « CBS Detroit


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