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Date: June 21, 2015

Tensions build as Supreme Court readies blockbuster rulings

(Source: Yahoo)- Tensions are building inside and outside the white marble facade of the U.S. Supreme Court building as the nine justices prepare to issue major rulings on gay marriage and President Barack Obama’s healthcare law by the end of the month.

Of the 11 cases left to decide, the biggest are a challenge by gay couples to state laws banning same-sex marriage and a conservative challenge to subsidies provided under the Obamacare law to help low- and middle-income people buy health insurance that could lead to millions of people losing medical coverage.

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Signs Of Financial Turmoil In Europe, China And The United States

(Source: Economic Collapse Blog) – As we move toward the second half of 2015, signs of financial turmoil are appearing all over the globe.  In Greece, a full blown bank run is happening right now.  Approximately 2 billion euros were pulled out of Greek banks in just the past three days, Barclays says that capital controls are “imminent” unless a debt deal is struck, and there are reports that preparations are being made for a “bank holiday” in Greece.  Meanwhile, Chinese stocks are absolutely crashing.  The Shanghai Composite Index was down more than 13 percent this week alone.  That was the largest one week decline since the collapse of Lehman Brothers.  In the U.S., stocks aren’t crashing yet, but we just witnessed one of the largest one week outflows of capital from the bond markets that we have ever witnessed.  Slowly but surely, we are starting to see the smart money head for the exits.  As one Swedish fund manager put it recently, everyone wants “to avoid being caught on the wrong side of markets once the herd realizes stocks are over-valued“.

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Israel bombs Lebanon to destroy own downed drone – reports

WEB Notes: I am sure glad it was not Lebanon that bombed Israel to destroy their own drone. We would have never heard the end of it and war would have ensued in short order.

(Source: RT) – A blast has been reported near the town of Saghbein in a remote area of Lebanon’s western Bekaa, sources told agencies. Hezbollah-run Al Manar TV said, an Israeli drone was downed in the area and the airstrike was Israel’s attempt to destroy it.

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Yemen talks end without ceasefire, air strikes hit Republican Guards

(Source: Reuters) – U.N.-sponsored talks in Geneva on a ceasefire between Yemen’s warring parties ended on Friday without a deal as Saudi-led warplanes staged further strikes on the dominant Houthi armed faction and allies including elite Republican Guards.

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UK: NHS hospitals pushing young medics to brink of ‘burnout’ by relying on them to work extra hours

(Source: Independent) – Hospitals are pushing young medics to the brink of “burnout” by relying on them to work extra hours to plug long-term gaps in ward rotas, leading doctors have warned, after new research showed that the effects of NHS staff shortages are worsening.

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Ireland: Pastor to Be Prosecuted for ‘Hate Crime’ of Calling Islam ‘Satanic,’ ‘Heathen’ During Sermon

WEB Notes: The whole idea of a “hate crime” is to silence a group of people, ridiculous. You should be able to say whatever is on your mind. At the same time we have to be wise when we teach as well and some common sense of what you are talking about is required. “Allah” simply means “God” in Arabic. It is not the name of a specific god.

(Source: Christian News) – A pastor in Northern Ireland will be prosecuted with a hate crime for denouncing the Islamic religion during a Sunday sermon last year.

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Shallow quake of 6.4 magnitude strikes off Chile, no damage | Reuters

A shallow earthquake measuring 6.4 magnitude struck off Chile on Friday. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.The quake was 10 km (6 miles) deep and centred 90 km northwest of

Source: Shallow quake of 6.4 magnitude strikes off Chile, no damage | Reuters


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