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Date: November 16, 2015

UN Plan Estimates Up to 600,000 New Middle East Migrants Will Enter Europe in Next 4 Months

A plan by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for dealing with the European refugee crisis anticipates that as many as 5,000 Middle Eastern refugees and migrants could pass from Turkey into Europe each day over the next four months—with a total of 600,000 moving into Europe from November through February.
Source: UN Plan Estimates Up to 600,000 New Middle East Migrants Will Enter Europe in Next 4 Months

Obama, Putin agree on political transition in Syria

WEB Notes: They agreed on this a month ago or started the process anyway according to other reports. One thing is certain, you cannot agree on a transitional government and leave the same people in power.

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Islamic State threatens attack on Washington, other countries

WEB Notes: I do not have much doubt that we will witness an attack on American soil again. I will just doubt the official narrative.

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‘Anonymous will hunt you down!’ Hacktivists declare ‘total war’ on ISIS after Paris attacks

WEB Notes: The show rages on. Now we have the “hacker group” known as Anonymous who is ready to step up to the plate and help in an epic battle against ISIS. They should start using lines like that on TV. This whole thing is one big theatrical scene.

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The U.S. Spends $35 Billion Helping Out The World… But Where Does All this Money Really Go?

Source: | The United States provided approximately $35 billion in economic aid to over 140 countries* in fiscal year 2014. In the map below the relative size of each country is proportionate to the aid received from the United States and the color of each country indicates GDP per capita.

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US Warplanes Destroy 116 ISIS Fuel Trucks in Syria

U.S. aircraft have destroyed 116 fuel trucks used by ISIS to generate income for its operations, which is part of an expansion of the U.S.-led coalition’s targeting of ISIS’ oil-smuggling operations.

The airstrikes today in Syria and broadening of targets involved in ISIS’ oil-smuggling operations were planned before the Paris terror attacks.

Source: US Warplanes Destroy 116 ISIS Fuel Trucks in Syria – ABC News

The hidden map inside your iPhone that records where you go and how to disable it

Source: DailyMail | The map, called Frequent Locations, appears to be automatically enabled for most iPhone users who are left completely unaware of its existence – unless you know where to look.

In order to access the map, users must go to the Settings menu on their phones, before scrolling through to find the Privacy menu.

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