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Date: May 14, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 139:13-14

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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This Is the Best Dinosaur Fossil of Its Kind Ever Found

Best Dinosaur Fossil Ever Found Canada

WEB Notes: Some are going to say, well the world is only 6,000 years old so this cannot be. Well, world, there it is, what are you going to do about it? Many will claim the dating used is not accurate and I am sure there are some flaws. However, just apply common sense for a moment. This was found deep underground and displays characteristics of a much different earth. How did it become buried, what caused that? What happened to that earth age? Something happened to the earth long ago and it was much farther back in time than 6,000 years ago. When God created this earth age, the age of flesh we find ourselves in there were seven days of creation. That equals 7,000 years alone. Then from the time of Adam until now roughly 6,000 years have gone by. So at a bare minimum the earth is 13,000 years old. Christians should be able to do math and come up with this conclusion on their own. But common sense is void in our time. Learn what happened in The First Earth Age from your Father’s Letter.

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North Korea launches a new unidentified missile amid festering tensions with US

WEB Notes: They finally got one off the ground, how about that. Does this scare you? Are your frightened? Are you ready to tell ol Trumpie it’s time to bomb North Korea? If so, you are playing into the hand of the globalists. What you observe in the world through news and other media is designed for you to come to the conclusions they have drawn out for you. So you agree and go along with the agenda. Recall the war on terror. It took Bush a lot of convincing for you to agree to it. For you to agree to monitor all of your digital communications and pat you down at the airport. But here we are and those are distance memories and we now live as if it is normal the things aforementioned. North Korea is a backwards nation. Their recent military parade featured missiles with bent nose cones. In case you are not a rocket expert, those will not fly. The truth of the matter is North Korea along with Syria and Iran are not a part of the globalist agenda, they are not a part of the global financial system and that is why we constantly hear of them being a problem.

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In Cashless Sweden, Even God Now Takes Collection Via an App

WEB Notes: God does not need an “App”. Our Father wants your love. He wants you to reach out to Him in prayer and study His Word so you can learn about Him and His plan. It is very comforting my friends when you understand the in-depth truths of His Word. Churches and those outside of the church like this article always talk about money, on and on they go. That should prompt you to ask the question. What are they concerned about then? You learning about God, or learning how they can remove dollars from your wallet? Think about it.

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Global cyberattack has hit more than 200,000 organizations in 150 countries

The unprecedented, global ransomware attack that started Friday has hit more than 200,000 companies, hospitals, government agencies and other organizations in 150 countries, the European Union’s law enforcement agency said.

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Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel unharmed by cyber attack but ‘everything could change’

WEB Notes: Of course. ISIS never attacks these guys either. Why? You do not attack the hand that helps you unless it is a part of the plan.

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Chinese Chicken Is Headed To America, But It’s Really All About The Beef

WEB Notes: You recall the “tainted Chinese food scandals” from years back.  How only some of the food was checked as it came into the ports. Nothing has changed. Nothing was corrected to change the problem. Yet, our ranchers and farmers are held to high standards that other nations do not have to participate in, yet we eat the food of those other nations. Does any of this make sense? Of course not, but it is not meant too. It is about that almighty dollar. Does anyone really think this “trade deal” will benefit America? As if China is lacking cattle ranchers. This may sound good to some in the industry, but I highly doubt it will play out in the favor of the business owner and certainly it will not favor you, the consumer.

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JAMA Admits 30% of FDA Approved Drugs Cause “Postmarket Safety Events”

WEB Notes: “JAMA” is an “international peer-reviewed general medical journal”. They are admitting the FDA is approving of drugs that are dangerous to the public. Raise your hand if you are surprised. Yet, “experts” will tell you, hey it is “FDA complaint” so that means it is okay. Go ahead take a jab or two of the latest vaccine, the “experts” say it is safe. Yet, we see here even when they claim it is “safe” 30% is not and causes issues. In my opinion when it comes to vaccines you are better off to eat healthy. That means real food and drinks. Not fast food trash, not constant soda intake. Get some exercise and your body will be able to fend off most illness. Relying on a shot is not the answer though that is what the “experts” tell you. Actually, at some places of employment they will make you sign a paper stating as much and if you decline, well you either lose your job or wear a mask during “flu season”. Let freedom ring, let freedom ring.

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Snowden Blasts The NSA Over Global Malware Attack

WEB Notes: This just means the governments of the world will need to become involved in “bitcoins” as it was used as a source to transport funds and we just cannot have that without big brother involved now can we? Things do not happen by chance in our world, they occur for a reason. Stay tuned…

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In California, a Failed Fight for Car Owners’ Privacy Rights

California state law permits car owners to cover their legally parked cars to protect them against weather and incidental damage. It’d be easy to assume that, because cars can be covered in their entirety, it would also be perfectly okay for motorists to keep only their license plates covered on those same legally parked vehicles. That’s not necessarily the case: Another law prohibits obscuring the license plates of parked cars in California.

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G7 nations to agree joint fight against cyber attacks

WEB Notes: Notice how every “cyber attack” and “terrorist” event brings the world closer together? That is not an accident, it is called globalism.

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Mormon Church Cuts Ties With Boy Scouts — Sort of …

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — the Mormons — has announced that it will pull over 180,000 older teens from the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), as it transitions to its own internal scouting-style program. While denominational leaders insist that the move has nothing to do with the BSA’s decision to allow openly homosexual scout leaders, as well as boys who self-identify as homosexual, at least one observer has said he believes the issue was a contributing factor. “The church is wedded very much to traditional gender roles and they see the Boy Scouts of America increasingly move away from that,” said Matthew Bowman, a Mormon scholar and history professor at Henderson State University in Arkansas. “That means they have come to see it as less of a hospitable place.”

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