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Is Changing the Constitution the Only Way to Fix Washington?

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Unserviceable United States Flag Burned

WEB Notes: THIS IS A HORRIBLE IDEA! Several states, nine now with Arizona are seeking to push for a Constitutional Convention. This would open up the Constitution of the United States and allow amendments to be added, removed or modified. This article says many on the left and right want to do this because of our dysfunctional government. Why is our government dysfunctional to begin with? THEY DO NOT FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION THAT IS ALREADY IN PLACE. If they cannot follow it now, you trust these same fools to modify the Law of the Land in your best interests? You must be kidding me. Our nation is already a disaster, this would exacerbate it exponentially. All they need is two-thirds of the states to vote in favor of a Convention and it would happen. This push has been going on for sometime now, it will be very interesting to watch.

Next month delegations of state lawmakers will travel to Phoenix, Arizona, to attend what organizers say will be the first formal convention of states since the Civil War. They’ll gather at the capitol, inside the turquoise-carpeted House chamber, and draw up rules for a hoped-for future meeting: a convention to draft an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

No “amendment convention” has taken place since the Constitution was written over 200 years ago. But the idea is gaining steam now, stoked by groups on the left and right that say amendments drafted and ratified by states are the last, best hope for fixing the nation’s broken political system and dysfunctional — some even say tyrannical — federal government.

“We have a Congress in the United States made up of two bodies — House and Senate — that are incapable of restricting their own power,” said Texas state Sen. Brian Birdwell, a Republican. With the conventions, he said, states are stepping in to clean up the mess.

Source: Is Changing the Constitution the Only Way to Fix Washington?

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