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As Robots Edge Into Workplace, Free Money Idea Takes Hold

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WEB Notes: Who is going to pay for it? They still do not know, but who cares they say let’s press on with the idea! It sounds like we have far too many crazy people working in government. People who have never had a real job much less a business of their own. These guys probably never had to manage their own finances…

Look if I have 5 rocks coming in every month to pay for the bills, but my bills cost 7 rocks that means I am giving away 2 rocks a month and I keep none. Without a savings of rocks, I will have no rocks to give back which means I can no longer afford those bills. Something will have to go.

I know this is tough math folks, but I am confident our readers will catch the idea.

It isn’t an idea that seems likely to gain traction nationally in the current political environment. But in some politically liberal corners of the country, including Hawaii and the San Francisco Bay area, the idea of distributing a guaranteed income has begun to gain support.

Over the past two decades, automation has reduced the need for workers, especially in such blue-collar sectors as manufacturing, warehousing and mining. Many of the jobs that remain demand higher education or advanced technological skills. It helps explain why just 55 percent of Americans with no more than a high school diploma are employed, down from 60 percent just before the Great Recession.

Hawaii state lawmakers have voted to explore the idea of a universal basic income in light of research suggesting that a majority of waiter, cook and building cleaning jobs — vital to Hawaii’s tourism-dependent economy — will eventually be replaced by machines. A crucial question — who exactly would pay for the program? — has yet to be determined. But support for the idea has taken root.

Source: As robots edge into workplace, free money idea takes hold – ABC News

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