WEB Notes: You thought those numbers vanished with the new Presidency? Sorry to say they still exist and have existed for some time as we have reported. These numbers are of working age Americans. Working age people my friends, 95 million of them are not working…

The economy is raging ahead, people are many tons and tons of money in the markets, but there is a huge sect of people who just cannot make it with the system we live under.

Jobs are being replaced with technology and foreign workers will to work for next to nothing.

Our elected officials are quick to talk about the American way, but their business dealings do not reflect that. Not when they leave the American out of it.

The economy did very well during President Trump’s first year: 2 million new jobs, the lowest unemployment in 17 years, accelerating economic growth, booming stock market.

Trump loves to talk about those numbers. But by another measure that he used to talk about a lot — and has stopped mentioning — the needle didn’t move at all.

During the campaign and early in his presidency, Trump often pointed out how many people were out of the labor force. It’s roughly 95 million people, though the numbers change from month to month.

Source: 95 million are still out of the workforce, and it’s still a misleading number – Jan. 10, 2018


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