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Date: February 6, 2018

6.4 Magnitude Earthquake TAIWAN

Why The Stock Market Plunged 1,175 Points On Monday

WEB Notes: Before I provide our opinion, I want you to hear from the experts.

The market got phony again. It’s a shame. It can’t handle the volume and it can’t handle this level of selling. It’s OK. It happens periodically and it freaks people out at home. We can spin any tale we want, but what I am saying is that the market doesn’t work at certain points.” said Jim Cramer of Mad Money (CNBC).

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Christianity Is Dying Among American Teens As Atheism Rises

WEB Notes: Note the charts at the bottom of this post. This is a graph from Google Trends and only goes back to 2004…

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U.S. Hurtling Toward $1 Trillion in Borrowing This Year Alone, Double Last Year

WEB Notes: Mr. and Mrs. America. Read that headline once more and let it sink in real good. The borrowing costs of the United States are higher under a Republican than a Democrat. Remember, when the Republican party was “conservative” and “financially savy”? Those days are long gone. These are some of the things we were talking about in this article, “The Destruction of Our Nation and the Ballot Box“…

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Trump Administration to Test Biometric Program to Scan Faces of Drivers and Passengers in Vehicles

WEB Notes: No, no, no. Now I know what some of you are thinking. My Trumpie would never do that. Sure he would. Remember folks, he is a nationalist and a globalist. Look, it is happening, what are you going to do about it? Deny it is true because you are a Republican? It was bad when the Democrats did it, and it is still bad and wrong. We do not do this to our own people and you better believe this is only a “demo” for what will come to the rest of the US population eventually. Stand for your rights or you have none.

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Pentagon Agency Can’t Account For Hundreds Of Millions In Spending

WEB Notes: How many times have we read headlines like this from the Pentagon over the last 20 years?…

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Banks Shutter 1,700 Branches In Fastest Decline On Record

WEB Notes: No, this does not mean all the banks are crashing. Use logic and common sense folks. Yes, the banking system is propped up, but what is happening here? The digital age. You do realize you can bank on the computer, I hope? I hope you also realize you can pay for items at the store with your cell phone and woah nelly, wait for this one…

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US Again Makes New Claims Of WMD In Syria

WEB Notes: We said this does not end until Assad is removed from power. I do not care what the world leaders said about the war being over. It is not over until Assad is removed from power, period. You can see that documented here and in several articles, we posted in the past that document US forces are in and will continue to be in Syria.

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Finland Seeks $730 Million In Naval Weapons From US

WEB Notes: There is a lot of money to be made on war and death folks. In our 2017 Review article, we covered how many weapons and bombs the US sold to the world. Keep funding the war, keep the killing going, I am sure our Father is impressed.

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U.S. And North Korea Trade Warnings On Nuclear Strikes

WEB Notes: This sounds like Iran 2.0. In just a few short months kiddies, North Korea will nuke Mommy and Daddy’s house. How many years have we heard the U.S. and Israel tell us Iran was going to shoot nukes our way in weeks? This is fear and hype.

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