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Date: May 17, 2018

6.2 Magnitude Earthquake SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS

Turkey Urges Islamic World To Unite Against Israel, Calls Summit

Turkey has urged Islamic countries to review their ties with Israel after dozens of Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire on the Gaza border.

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E.U. Leaders Struggle To Save Iran Economic Ties From U.S. Sanctions

WEB Notes: This is one of many reasons why the children of Satan need a truly united order. So the globe as a whole is of one order.

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China Buys Record Amount of Russian Soy as It Shuns U.S. Growers

WEB Notes: Oh yes, those Trump Tariffs, we all remember those. I am sure the US Soybean farmers are joyed. Notice how this subject has fallen from the news coverage as a whole. What are the economic numbers, has the tariffs helped solve any problems or simply escalated them…

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‘I Gave The US Trucks And Ammunition To Al Qaeda’: The Chaotic US Effort To Arm Syrian Rebels

WEB Notes: The mainstream media acts as if this is some new revelation when it has been known for years. At least they show flashes of it now and again.

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U.S. Has More Than 2,000 Probes Into Potential Or Suspected Terrorists: FBI Director

WEB Notes: When they make up the stings, of course they can whip up 2,000 of them. What am I talking about? Surely you remember this blast from the past, “The FBI Is Responsible For More Terrorism Plots In The United States Than Any Other Organization. More Than Al Qaeda, More Than Al Shabaab, More Than The Islamic State, More Than All Of Them Combined

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U.S. Has Spent $2.8 Trillion on Terrorism Fight, Study Finds

WEB Notes: Now before you read any further, relax for a moment. Take a sip of coffee and think to yourself… Terrorism and chaos in the middle east and other parts of the world are at record levels. Meanwhile, the amount of money the United States is dumping in to “stop” terrorism is also at record levels. Now I do not know about you, but in my math book 1+1=2…

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Courageous Teen Jumps Into Lake to Rescue Woman Trapped in Sinking Car

WEB Notes: Despite all of the negativity we hear in the world, good things still do happen.

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