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5-Year-Olds To Get LGBTQ+ Sex Education In Wales

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WEB Notes: This is a complete brainwashing of the public. The more these types of programs are offered, the more the public will be conditioned to it. Some will say,

“I don’t have a problem with it”.

Your Heavenly Father does so you should too.

I do not care what someone does behind closed doors, that is up to them and between them and our Father. But do not bring that filth in front of our children and call it normal. We cannot have Christian Bible classes in school, but we can teach homosexuality?

If you have been looking for a sign we live in the end times that just might tip you off.

Sex education which is “fully inclusive of all genders and sexualities”, and covers schoolchildren from the age of five, has been announced by the Welsh Government.

Re-branded as “Relationships and Sexuality Education” (RSE), the subject will be embedded within the curriculum – although the parental right of withdrawal is set to remain.

John Denning, The Christian Institute’s Education Officer, warned of an inappropriate focus on labels as he urged parents to talk to teachers about their children’s education.

Source: Christian Institute

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1 Comment

  1. I think this is one of the very biggest tip-off (aside from the fact that Sodom is the very word of the activity-God could not have been clearer to we dumb sheep— Isa 1:9, Isa 3, Isa 13, Exe 16, Matt 10:15, Matt 11, Rev 11:8 and on and on). It was not that every single person in Sodom was actually engaging in sexual perversion (not written), BUT that at the very least EVERYONE, except Lot+family, ACCEPTED it. We see that in Lot’s wife actions (from her spirit) didn’t want to leave—pined for return to that home (ugh). The good Lord took care of her. Bring up a child in the way he should go and they will not depart (Prov 22:6)—what this also teaches us is that bring them up with mis-teachings and lies they will not depart—except be they convert to Christ, given to all whom will. So, how is this such an obvious example? 1. because it is so easy to destroy with just a very basic understanding of God’s laws, and 2. because of how the evil is penetrating—“born this way”—so we know the loving Christian will blindly be pulled by their heartstrings with that comment. and for #1—the simple fact that God made nothing a sin except something that is a “choice” should be enough to destroy this lie (for the Christian anyway). There is nothing born that is sin—-it’s the choices of those born. Sodom would blush seeing us today (Luke 10:12) and we will get a much bigger Rod.

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