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Millennial Men Ditching Traditional ‘Masculine’ Values, More Likely To Embrace ‘Emotional Strength’

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WEB Notes: This article acts as if men are barbarians and they seek a softer side. I tell you what, men today are certainly softer. Being a man is not about beating people up and not caring about others. Christian men are strong in heart and spirit, they are not afraid to help people out and do not mind getting dirty. How could we forget our Biblical brothers who laid the example?…

“Masculine values” is some made up term. Being masculine is what makes us men. If you are not masculine then you default to the other side…


You know what, maybe this article is right after all considering what many men are turning into and accepting.

One man’s opinion.

As the famous Village People song declares, “Every man wants to be a macho macho man / To have the kind of body, always in demand.” But are “macho macho” mindsets becoming a thing of the past? A new study finds that male millennials are drifting away from stereotypical masculine values.

The research, led by the University of British Columbia, showed that younger men tend to value selflessness, social engagement, and health over traditional male ideals like physical strength and autonomy.

Of course, physique and independence were still prominent values for the 630 Canadian men aged 15 to 29 who took part in the survey, just not as important to participants as selflessness. In fact, selflessness was by far the top-rated male value. Nine in 10 respondents said that men should should help others, and 88 percent of the respondents agreed that men should be open to new ideas, new people, and new experiences. Eight in 10 felt it imperative that a man gives back to his community.

Source: Millennial Men Ditching Traditional ‘Masculine’ Values, More Likely To Embrace ‘Emotional Strength’ – Study Finds

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