Most Read Articles Of 2021!

As 2021 comes to a close, we wanted to share the top 10 most read articles of the year with you.

The first article had more than 4 times the views as the next closest article. That really shows where everyone’s concern was this year. Let’s pray things improve as we look forward to a New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

  1. Can Christians Refuse Government Vaccine Mandates?
  2. The False Hope Of The Rapture
  3. Rockefeller 'Future Scenario' Becomes Reality Of Coronavirus Pandemic
  4. The Timeline Of The Tribulation
  5. Why Does The Euphrates River Dry Up In Revelation?
  6. The Vaccine Is Causing The Virus To Be More Infectious
  7. In The Beginning: The World That Was
  8. The Fallen Angels, Giants, And Noah’s Flood
  9. The Story Of Adam And Eve In The Garden Of Eden
  10. Mark Of The Beast

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