WEB Notes: The liberal Germans have had enough! Roughly 17,000 took to the streets of Berlin packed together to protest against the COVID-19 lockdowns, including the wearing of face masks. None of the people in attendance wore masks.

Why aren’t Americans protesting? Wait, we are… We are busy tearing down our nation and burning buildings in the name of stopping racism that does not exist. If it existed as advertized we would not have black educators, businessmen and sports players making millions. So get out of town already! What a disgrace!

Thousands of people, packed close together and not wearing face masks, protested in Berlin on Saturday against official measures intended to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Police said they would file charges against the organizer of the gathering as demonstrators had not followed hygiene rules such as maintaining social distancing or wearing a mask covering nose and mouth.

Some 17,000 people took part in the demonstration at its peak, according to police.

Source: Politico


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10 days ago

Wow 17,000. Way to go Germany! Viva Germany!

I am skeptical seeing what will happen in the next few weeks IF their numbers jump. IF it does I am sure The world will say this is why need face mask and distance. Let’s over look the protesters/rioters.