Topic: Family


Christ Was Rejected By His Own

Making decisions and standing by them can mean, our family rejects us for those beliefs. Yet, we should remember Christ and the example He set long ago.


The Tongue Is Full Of Deadly Poison

Our tongue can unleash deadly poison which ruins relationships. Our vile words come from our hearts, providing us an opportunity to check our Christian faith.


A Discussion Around Deuteronomy 23

We will elaborate on a Bible Q&A concerning interracial marriage. We also discuss a reader's email and a few comments that bring up Deuteronomy 23.

Earth Changes

A Family Story From Glacier National Park

It was the summer of 2019, and my children and I were talking about nature as we typically do. We were visiting Glacier National Park and were amazed at the beautiful red, green, and gray

Stop Making This About Race

Stop Making This About Race

As a nation, we need to stop thinking from a racial perspective. When we think along the lines of race, by definition, that causes division. This division keeps people from working together. That is why


The Family Unit At A 35 Year Low

Today the AP explains the birth rate in the United States is at a 35 year low. Think about that, and think about what has changed in the last 35 years. The rise of the

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