By: Brandon T. Ward

Let’s talk about immigration, or better yet “illegal” immigration. First let’s define the two.

Immigration: The process of entering the country by means of the legal system, following the laws that are in place.

Illegal” Immigration: Breaking the law, bypassing the legal system and entering the country without permission.

Now that we have made that clear we may continue.

As you know by now, the state of Arizona has passed an immigration law that is sparking an outrage! Arizona has been overwhelmed by illegal immigrants for years and they have finally come to the point where they have had enough. The law they passed only enforces the law that is already on the books with the Federal Government!

So why the outrage? The truth is most illegal immigrants don’t want to become citizens of the United States. It’s commonly taught in Mexico, that the southern United States still belongs to Mexico. They are taught in their home country to come to the States to take the land back, Reconquista!

As seen in the video (below), these students don’t want to be a part of this country. One student knocks the American Flag from another while other Mexican students are walking with a Mexican Flag. Shouldn’t they be walking with the Stars and Stripes?

In this next video (below), you hear a woman make a threat stating, “We will take up our shovels and our pick axes… and use them against you, believe that.”

That doesn’t sound like folks who want to become a part of our country to me. Rather it sounds like lawbreakers. People who are upset that they can’t just run across the border unchecked.

You also heard about the students who were kicked off campus at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, California on May 5th for not removing or turning their American Flag t-shirts inside out. I know I was shocked to hear about this myself. I mean, isn’t this the United States? What’s wrong with wearing the flag?

Apparently, the principal thought it might offend the Mexican students since it was “Cinco de Mayo” and all… Offend! How on earth can the flag of what is suppose to be their country offend them?

How about the students of Montebello High School in Montebello, California where they took down the American Flag from the school’s flag pole, hung it upside down and placed the Mexican flag over it (this article’s photo)! That is absolutely disgusting!

In this video (below), while speaking alongside of Mexican President Felipe Calderon, your President Barack Obama states, “We are defined not by our borders but by our bonds.”

The erosion of our nation continues on multiple fronts. This is just another example of a nation out of control. Another example of globalism and the times that we are in.

So what can we do about it? Do what is right, fight for what you believe in and for the Constitution and Laws of this great country even if it seems like we are fighting a losing battle. Tell others about what is going on. Get to the bottom of the issues and look for truth. Ask your Father in Heaven for wisdom.

For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.Proverbs 2:6


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