WEB Notes: The same “good guy” Putin who supposedly destroyed 40% of ISIS infrastructure in a week last month. The same “good guy” Putin who admitted the G20 supports ISIS. The same “good guy” Putin whose country said US Policies helped create ISIS. The same “good guy” Putin who understands who created ISIS. This same “good guy” Putin is now ready to work with the West with respect to coordinated attacks on ISIS in Syria. Now does that make any sense to you? Of course not, because none of it does. There are no good guys. The truth of the matter is most nations on the face of the earth are already controlled by the children of Satan. They are a part of the same side whether they realize it or not. It is so important that you grasp that. The nations that are working together are already controlled. The nations being fought against are not controlled.

Russian President Vladimir Putin late Thursday said he was ready to coordinate strikes against the Islamic State with the United States and its allies but warned that acts like the Turkish downing of a Russian jet could destroy any chance of collaboration.

After talks with French President François Hollande at the Kremlin, Putin said, “We are ready to cooperate with the coalition which is led by the United States.”

Source: Moscow is ready to coordinate with the West over strikes on Syria, Putin says – The Washington Post


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