Every summer from 2011 through 2014, with icy routine, when Cisco was closing out its fiscal year, it revealed mass job cuts. In July 2011: 6,500 layoffs. In July 2012: 1,300 layoffs. In August 2013: 4,000 layoffs. In August 2014: 6,000 layoffs. A veritable layoff machine.

In the summer last year, with the new guy, Chuck Robbins, getting his feet on the ground, it skipped the layoffs. But the layoffs now being planned are a doozie.

The aging Silicon Valley icon will lay off between 9,000 and 14,000 employees globally, “multiple sources close to the company” told CRN. If it cuts 14,000 people, it would be the largest single layoff announcement it its history. They would amount to nearly 20% of its 73,000 employees.

Source: Cisco to Lay Off 14,000. No Growth, No Problem: Stock at 9-Year High | Wolf Street

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