WEB Notes: Syria is not being invaded because of ISIS. ISIS is a proxy army of Global Powers. The ISIS narrative is being used to provide the reason to invade and take over Syria in order to institute a government that will go along with the current global structure. This is all about global government and world leaders have said many times that terrorism is the common enemy of mankind so they must work together to fight it.

I would encourage everyone to watch a video we have on this subject titled, “ISIS News and World Leaders Calls for a United World Against Terrorism – Video” I would also reference readers to read a past Bible Q&A where we documented ISIS has been funded by the US.

The United States has deployed a column of armored personnel carriers to the northern Syrian city of Manbij to support Kurdish troops in the area. The vehicles form part of a deployment of 500 US troops in Syria – many of whom are special forces – aimed at defeating ISIS.

According to Colonel John Dorrian, spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, the US troops have been deployed to ‘deter aggression and keep focus on defeating ISIS’.

Source: US armored personnel carriers deployed to Syria | Daily Mail Online


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