WEB Notes: Come on. It is almost like someone is playing a numbers game with us now. -666, led to a huge -1175 drop Monday. Tuesday the market was down -567 and rose to close +567. That is a 1134 point swing in a single day. Maybe they will end it with 321 today. What a shell game. All of the kings horses and all of the kings men cannot seem to put the stock market back together again…

I have to say, I am impressed that our readers are not firing off emails and comments of panic and doom. You are relaxing and enjoying that popcorn, good job.

U.S. stocks rallied Tuesday as a late surge helped them regain almost half their losses from the day before, when they had their biggest plunge in 6½ years. That came at the end of a day of heavy trading and huge swings for the market.

Major indexes in Asia and Europe took steep losses and U.S. markets started sharply lower, only to repeatedly change direction. After its 1,175-point nosedive Monday, the Dow Jones industrial average lost 567 points right after trading began Tuesday. After numerous turns up and down, it ended with a gain of, coincidentally, 567.

Source: Dow turns 567-point loss into 567-point gain as stocks rally


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