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Date: January 12, 2015

Christian Music: Among The Thirsty – Completely

Christian Music Video of the Week
Christian Music Video of the Week:
Among The Thirsty – Completely

Tired of the negative message in secular music? Why not try listening to positive, encouraging Christian music? Music frees the soul, so bring Christ into that fold. We need Jesus Christ every day and Christian music is a great way to connect with our Lord and Savior even if it is in a small way. So enjoy this week’s music selection and the song lyrics which are beneath the video.

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The Plot Thickens: French #2 Commissioner Who Investigated Paris Attacks Commits Suicide

(Source: France3 via Google Translation) – We learned this morning, a Limoges SRPJ Commissioner has committed suicide last night in his office with his service weapon. Information confirmed by his superiors. It is unknown at this time the reasons for his actions.

Commissioner Helric Fredou aged 45 was from Limoges began his career in 1997 as a police officer at the regional office of the judicial police of Versailles, before returning to Limoges. He was deputy director of the regional police service since 2012. His father was a former police officer, his mother was a nurse in the emergency context CHU Limoges. He was single and had no children.

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World Leaders United Over Paris Terrorist Attack

WEB Notes: Take a good hard look at this photo. Forty world leaders gathered together to show their solidarity with respect to the terrorist attack in Paris. You are going to see more of this as time marches on. When the economies of the world collapse and the wars spin out of control you will see the world unite and Satan who will play Jesus Christ will be their king, even for a short time.

I am sure more terrorist attacks like this will happen as well. It is a part of the lies and deception of our time that is being used to merge the world together. To make them unite. Take a look at more lies and deception. Yahoo news states “tens of thousands of people” showed up for the peace rally’s, the AP reports, “more than a million people” showed up for the peace rally while the French media reports “three million people showed up”. Tens of thousands and more than a million are not even close to the same number. Why does this matter? Because it places more emphasis on these world leaders “standing united” over a terrorist attack.

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Obama to Host Global Counter-Terrorism Summit

WEB Notes: 2015 is just starting and it sure seems like world events have just been elevated another notch. Forty world leaders have united over the Paris attacks, obama is declaring war on “extremism” and holding a global summit on terrorism while governments prepare to “crack down” on “hateful internet speech”. It sounds like more freedoms will be taken away and a whole lot of propaganda.

(Source: Dawn) – President Barack Obama will host an international summit on countering violent extremism on Feb 18, the White House said on Sunday.

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Obama Declares War On ‘Extremism’ – Are You An ‘Extremist’ According To His Definition?

(Source: Economic Collapse Blog) – Do you know what an “extremist” is?  In the wake of the horrible terror attacks on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in France, Barack Obama is speaking very boldly about the need to win the war against “extremists”, and he has announced plans to host a major global summit on “extremism” next month.  And on the surface that sounds great.  But precisely how are we supposed to determine whether someone is an “extremist” or not?  What criteria should we use?  As you will see below, your definition of an “extremist” may be far, far different from the definition that Barack Obama is using.

When you do a Google search, you will find that an “extremist” is defined as “a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action.”  According to Wikipedia, “extremism” is “an ideology (particularly in politics or religion), considered to be far outside the mainstream attitudes of a society or to violate common moral standards.  Extremism can take many forms, including political, religious and economic.”  Please notice that neither of those definitions uses the word violence.  In this day and age, you can be considered an “extremist” simply based on what you believe, and as you will see later in this article there are now tens of millions of Americans that are considered to be “extremists” and “potential terrorists” according to official U.S. government documents.

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Government Prepares Internet Speech Crackdown Following Paris Attacks

(Source: Infowars) -“We forcefully noted the need for greater cooperation with Internet companies to guarantee the reporting and removal of illegal content, particularly content that makes apologies for terrorism or promotes violence or hate,” said French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

US and EU bureaucrats gathered at the French interior ministry to formulate a response to the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups, many supported, trained and financed by the Gulf emirates, Turkey, western intelligence and the U.S. military.

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U.S. airstrike in Syria may have killed 50 civilians

WEB Notes: Why would this surprise anyone? This has been going on for years in Afghanistan and Pakistan and I am sure other places that we do not know about.

(Source: McClatchy) – A U.S.-led coalition airstrike killed at least 50 Syrian civilians late last month when it targeted a headquarters of Islamic State extremists in northern Syria, according to an eyewitness and a Syrian opposition human rights organization.

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