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Faked ISIS Footage?

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WEB Notes: When the “Jihadi John” videos originally hit the mainstream a few red flags went off in my mind.

One the videos appeared fake to me. The first thing that came to my mind was the use of a green screen. If you have some basic understanding of video production then you know a green screen is used behind a scene so in post-production the editors can add in the background they want. If you do not do a good job of it then your “talent” (the actor) will look transposed onto the scene rather than a part of it. With that explanation the actors to me looked layered on top of the background.

Two the videos never show ISIS cut off the head of their captives, the videos always fades out before hand. Now nothing would scare your enemy more than actually cutting off one of their owns head right in front of their eyes, so why fade out before the act?

Three no man in the case of the videos would sit down on their knees silently and allow their head to be cut off. Most would fight to the death or at least beg for their life. While all of the video’s the “hostage” sits by idle and never utters a single word.

With that now laid out we found and now offer the following videos for your consideration and you make up your own mind whether they are documenting a staged event or not. You can tell the syncing in the second video is a bit different, the movement of the captives head and the duration of the knife to the neck. This could be one of the takes and not “the” take we all saw on national television. You will also notice in both videos the wind is blowing on the captives jumpsuit.

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  1. Mine also Brandon, and this video proves that.

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